I Need Your Advice!

This is a general blog post, but I wanted to quickly throw a survey out there to get all of you guys advice on some upcoming projects I would like to line up. Your input is greatly appreciated. I'm still fairly new at blogging, and I have so many ideas! What do you think about [...]

Dream Workshop #6 : 7 Key Principles to Interpretation 101

Learning to interpret dreams is much more difficult than it sounds. It takes a lot of prayer, being deeply rooted in the Word of God, carrying an understanding of the Word of God, and having a firm grasp on symbols, numbers, and enigmas (or proverbs) in order to gain better insight into the depth of [...]

A Church Asleep

|PJ’s In The Sanctuary!| Several years ago, my friend was attending this wonderful growing church. The people had just moved from a smaller location to a larger church building, and there was a great excitement in the air over the new move. The crowds were large, the people were ready to take on the new [...]

Could I Be Dreaming of . . . Destiny?

I really felt impressed to reblog my blog on Dreams of Destiny. Even as I was feeling my own need for encouragement tonight (because we all know spiritually changing seasons are hard), I also felt that this might minister to someone else going through a difficult season of life. Be blessed.

3 Indicators of Spiritual Dreams

|Does the Dream Stir Your Spirit?| Have you ever woke up from a dream and felt an intense stirring of your spirit? Maybe you remember, or don’t remember, the dream, but you feel your insides quaking. A good example of this comes from the book of Daniel. When the king had a dream it bothered [...]

Dream Workshop #5: Hindrances

Dream Hindrances Why can’t I remember my dreams? This is something a friend of mine asked me the other day. The truth is, most of us dream consistently once we hit the REM stage of sleep; yet, why is it that the majority of people can only remember a portion of their dreams? My husband, [...]

A Warning Dream?

The Dream by Lord Byron “Our life is twofold: Sleep hath its own world, A boundary between the things misnamed Death and existence: Sleep hath its own world, And a wide realm of wild wild reality, And dreams in their development have breath, And tears, and tortures, and the touch of Joy; They leave a [...]

Dream Workshop #4 : Ways To Retain Revelation With Journaling

I love keeping a journal of my prayers, thoughts, prophetic words, scriptures, dreams and visions. In this method, I am able to return to any word, prophetic utterance, powerful scripture, vision, or dream in order to review, renew, my prayers on something, or even compare when I feel that some revelation and confirmation has come. [...]

7 Of The Most Common Dreams

The tornado was huge. A white/grey, massive storm that whirled through town with intent and purpose. I remember running into a bank because it was the closest building nearby. Once inside I was shocked to find my friend, Renae in there. Together we huddled down as the storm began to tear the bricks from the [...]