Toenails! Dreams Involving the Feet

Well, many of us might be thinking…..feet? toenails? Where is this thing going? I admit, feet are not my favorite subject unless I’m getting a massage 😉 , but these two extended pieces of our body can play a very significant role in our dreams and spiritual walk with the Lord.

Example Dream #1

A young girl dreamed that her feet were growing excessively big, and then all of a sudden she noticed that her big toe nail was getting very long.  Ideas to look at: her feet were bare, and her focus was on the size and the long, growing toenail.


When you find you are in a dream, and you don’t have shoes on then you are walking around vulnerable and without your peace. It also shows a state of being unprepared. In this case, her feet were getting huge which could indicate that the situation is being magnified to huge proportions and thus, causing feelings of insecurity, vulnerability, being on display, in her everyday life. In that same respect, feet can represent our moral foundation, things that we stand for or against, honesty and integrity. This would be amplified if our feet are bare. The next thing to look at is the big toe. Toes are often seen as our stability and balance. In reality it is impossible to keep balance or be stable on one’s feet without toes. Long nails can represent a state of idleness, or not taking action in one’s life where it needs to be taken. A long toenail can also be seen as a hindrance to our walk with the Lord, something significant getting in the way of our healthy walk. On another note Toenails can represent our shield of protection as they protect the tender parts of the toe underneath. If that shield is growing then it could show that you are trying to keep yourself away from others and push others away through allowing your shield to extend outward.

Dream Example #2

A friend of mine dreamed that when she went to clip her toenails that they were no longer attached but broken and falling off. In this sense, it goes back to the scenario of the toenail being a shield. In reality Her toenails represented an emotional awareness of feeling like others were “stepping” on her toes, and causing the toenail, the shield of protection, to break and fall off. It left a feeling of being vulnerable, which is how she felt in the dream.

No matter what we dream, even if it seems silly and inconsequential, it is so important to look at our lives during this time frame. Did we ask the Lord anything in particular? Were we searching His word for a message or a word to a situation that was in our lives at that time? He is ready and willing to show us the answer – even if He has to use extreme dreams to catch our attention, and all we have to do is listen, discern, pray, and seek His face. Does the interpretation always bring about immediate results or answers? No. Sometimes, well most all of the time in my case, there is a timeframe of waiting. Sometimes, the interpretation may come and your spirit quicken at the Word of it, and yet there is still a time of waiting on the manifestation of the aha! moment of understanding when something takes place, and you are like, “Yes! That is my dream! Now I know why I am going through this.” Always seek His face, and He will be faithful and just to answer and pull us nearer to Him. Be patient and wait on the Lord. Everything is in His timing anyway, right? Be Blessed.

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