Prophetic Dreaming For Others | Part 2

I saw the log house with its big, expansive wrap around porch, rough cut logs fixed intricately all along the outside of the house as if it had been created decades before and sat like a permanent beacon of days gone by. I watched as a beautiful young woman looked at the house with eyes alight in joy at the beauty of the structure. I could feel her thoughts as she imagined her perfect wedding in this place. She stepped off of the porch and began to inspect each little nuance before turning to the side and circling the edge of the huge two-story building to inspect the perimeter. The back of the house was situated on a slight hill within feet of a beautiful forest of trees which created a shadowy, cool backyard. As she came about midways of the back, bees began buzzing all around.
She watched as the numbers of bees began to increase, and her eyes moved upward toward the back porch eaves. Within moments she noticed two massive bee hives unlike anything she had ever seen before. They were swarming with different kinds of bees, which was also an unusual thing. As she felt the bees increasing around her she began to run through the swarm, uninjured until she reached the other side of the house. She took the steps up the side and moved onto the front porch where several other people were standing. Someone said, “You can’t have the wedding here. You just can’t! There are too many bees.” Instead of being moved or afraid of this, the young woman smiled serenely and glanced toward the back of the house. “The Lord is already taken care of it,” she announced. In an instant two (maybe more) individuals dressed from head to toe in what looked like stark white hazmat gear began gathering all the flying bees and removing the heavy nests. The man who announced she couldn’t have the wedding looked with awe at the procedures going on, and then he looked at the serene young woman with amazement. “Wow! When she speaks, the LORD listens, and her prayers are answered immediately!”

Then I woke up.

What Could It Mean?

I am somewhat familiar with the family of the fiancé, but I’ve never had the chance to speak to the young woman (only seen her in ministry and revival a few times). As I wrote the dream down, I felt a deep prompting to send this dream to them. I was actually a little nervous about sending it, to be honest. One, because the family is one of great pastors and prophets. They have a powerful ministry and speak the word with strength and passion and such great knowledge that it will amaze you to sit and listen to them speak. Truthfully, I also felt a little in awe and intimidated. Why did God chose me to give the dream to? What was the real purpose behind the dream? With a deep breath, I typed the dream up and hit send before I lost my nerve. It wasn’t a bad dream after all, but sometimes not knowing how someone will receive the word is a little scary. There have been a few times when things did not go well after a dream was given, so I prayed, thanked the LORD for trusting me with such a beautiful message, and for giving me he courage to follow His bidding.

The reply came the next day! The mom, Pastor, was touched and amazed at the dream. She let me know that it was an on-time Word from the LORD. For the first thing, they have already looked at wedding venues, and unknowing to me, the one they had chosen was a log structure in the woods with a log cabin on it. In fact, many things have been going on in the atmosphere, and she confirmed that the dream was right on time with where they are. Did the LORD give me the full interpretation? No. Did I need to know what all was taking place? No. Sometimes it isn’t about what the dream reveals inwardly to me. It is all about what it reveals to the other person to whom it is referring.

Whew! I love confirmation.

It’s not to gloat, or to say, “I told you that dream was for you!” Confirmation lets me know that God is speaking in and through me, but that also I am hearing and responding as He would have me to. Right on time. Right in His perfect season. I love the scripture in Isaiah 50: 4, “The Lord GOD has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning. He awakens My ear to hear as the learned.

Quick Re-Cap On Knowing Who A Dream Is For

One key factor to remember is that if you are in the dream (which I wasn’t in the dream I shared -at all.), and the main focus of the dream; then it is for and about you. If you are simply participating in the dream, but you are more of a minor character (meaning, if you weren’t there the dream would continue as normal, then the dream is for you, but it is also for someone or about something else. If you are just observing in the dream (kind of like watching a movie or hovering around nearby) then the dream is usually for or about someone or something else. This is an essential tool to help you discern who and what the dream is for and about. A word of caution: Always pray about all your dreams before telling others (especially if it is for someone else) about the dream. Sometimes it freaks people out when you dream about them and you hardly know them. Just make sure you are following God’s timing and His Word, not your own ambitions. 🙂

Have you ever had a dream you just positively knew was from the LORD for someone else? Did you have a hard time sharing it with them? We’re the results positive or negative? Share with us a little of your experience in dreaming extrinsically. Blessings to you all and keep dreaming.😊

Side Note: I am so excited to read this Kindle or Ebook by James Goll! He is an amazing author and full of such insight and wisdom when it comes to dreams and the prophetic. Click here and check it out!!❤

Also, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Dictionary of Biblical Images. It is full of so many different symbols and images used in scripture, and it offers some great ways to look at symbols in comparison to everyday life.❤❤

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