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The Extrinsic Dream

Extrinsic dreams focus on something or someone other than ourselves. These prophetic dreams are not as common as the more personal intrinsic dreams; however, they do still occur, and it is up to us to learn how and what to do with these type of dreams. Dreaming about and for other people, organizations, church, state, etc can be a very tricky thing. Sometimes the LORD gives us these dreams to cause us to seek His face and pray, and at other times He allows us to reveal these dreams so that His glory can shine through. It is a fine line that runs between the two, and as we seek Him and His direction, He will give the guidance needed to know how to deal with each and every dream.

My Prophetic Dream 

It was May 2018, and we had taken our kids on a quick weekend excursion. It was fun, exciting, and very exhausting :). We settled our things at the hotel and immediately got ready for bed. At 3:30 a.m. I was awoken from a mighty powerful dream, and I knew that it was extremely important that I get up and write it down right then. Like the scripture in Job, we cannot trust our ever wandering minds to always remember every detail. If the dream hits your inner man with a power punch, it is essential to get up and write it down to retain all the details. In this case, I slipped quietly into the bathroom and began typing the dream on my phone.

The dream had three significant parts (2 of which has already come to pass). I want to share the last part with you all as a way to help us understand that when we dream for others how essential it is for us to pray, pray, pray!

I dreamed that my sister’s husband was standing on this very large, extremely tall steel structure. He was surrounded by steel and huge vats of flowing lava. In the blink of an eye he loses his balance and falls off the edge. As he is falling, I notice that his body is turning in slow motion so that it seems to take forever to get to the bottom. I am thinking that at any moment he will burn up from the heat rising out of the lava, but he continues to fall. In an instant, right before his body plunges into the hot lava a huge pair of beautiful wings are fitted to his back. They are strong and powerful and with a few flaps of the wings he is heading straight back to the top of the structure. Once he gets in a secure spot the wings disappear, and I see him look up in total awe and love toward God.

What To Do With This Dream??

I saved the dream in my phone, and contemplated what to do with this dream. It sounded like the end result would be good, but at what cost would the wings come? As I climbed back into the bed I simply prayed and lifted the dream up to the LORD. At 8:30 the next morning I heard the LORD say to send the dream to my sister. I didn’t really want to because the dream was a little scary and confusing, but I did as the LORD told me. I didn’t get a response, but I love the power of instant messenger, don’t you :), it always shows if the message has been “seen” so that at least you know the other person looked at it, right? Anyway, I felt like I had accomplished what I was supposed to, and so I let it go and focused on praying for them. Fast forward to two days later. I am visiting with my mom when I find out that my brother-in-law is losing his job. What?! The news shook me to the core. I knew that he had been in management forever, so this news was difficult to comprehend. A company making cuts that shuts down their most faithful and productive employees? It seemed unreal, and yet, here he was on the “cut” list.

I immediately recalled the dream, and the impact of how he lost his footing and fell toward sudden death. I shared the dream with my mom and my prayers and concerns. She felt positive that the dream was referring to a difficult time in his life, but one that would bring him to greater heights, but first he would feel like it is all over. Then, right at the last moment the LORD would rescue him and set him up higher and better than ever before. Months go by and still no word. Then it happened….September 2018, I find out that out of the blue the company has decided they want to keep him, and not only keep him, but also give him a better position and a raise. What!!? This is what I am talking about! God amazes me every time! Within a few months the LORD turned their situation for His good, and He is still working miraculously behind the scenes. You may say, why did God give this dream to you? I honestly don’t know except that God shows us wonderful things, and then waits to see what we will do with it. Perhaps, He knew that He could trust me to pray and intercede on their behalf to stop the project of destruction the enemy was trying to lay in their pathway. The key is what do we do with what we have. My friend sings a song that says, “What’s that you have in your hand? I can use it God is saying, “Can I use you? Can I trust you? What will you do with what I give you?”

God is So Good!

That is the kind of God I serve. He is so faithful, wonderful, amazing, and good!! Sometimes we don’t understand His ways. Sometimes life can look very hard, difficult, unmanageable, but GOD!! He can turn things around within a moment’s time and make it even better than ever. So, you may ask, why did God give the dream to me? Well, one thing I believe is He knew that I would pray, and I would share it with my sister. Why does this second part matter so much? First, God wanted them to see that He could lift them up out of the miry pit and set their feet upon the solid rock. He wanted them to see that even when things look the hardest, He is a God well able to turn things in their favor. He wanted them to see Him in all His glory work a miracle on their behalf. If they had never heard the dream, they might still have seen all these things, but miracles, signs, and wonders make a huge difference in how we perceive the things around us. Second, God wanted them to know that He loves them, and He has them on His heart and mind. How awesome is that? To know that the King of the universe looks down and sees us and loves us?

So what do we do when we have dreams for others?

One thing is always pray before sending them the dream or telling it to them. In this scenario things turned out good, but I have had quite a few occasions that didn’t turn out so well, and I felt terrible about even sharing the dream in the first place. Always pray! Seek the LORD to know if you should share ,or if you should just keep it covered in prayer.

Also, be careful about making assumptions concerning your dream for other people. What if I had looked at that dream and assumed the worst. I might have projected that message without meaning to and caused issues. Instead, I trusted the LORD to reveal. I followed His instructions to send, and then I left it completely in His hands to reveal the meaning. Another important thing is to note where you are in the dream. If you are watching from “above” or hovering like an unseen narrator, then the dream is for someone else. If you are in the dream and participating with others to carry the dream message along then the dream is for you and for others as well. If you are the sole focus of the dream with other characters playing minor roles then the dream is about and you and for you.


What are some questions you have concerning prophetic dreams for others?

Have you ever had anyone share a dream to you and about you that they had? How did it make you feel?

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2 thoughts on “Extrinsic Dreaming | Prophetic Dreams For Others

  1. Hello! I really enjoyed reading your article. How interesting and exciting to know that God trusted you with a vision concerning someone else who did not know difficulty was ahead for them. It really blesses me to read how you handled what God gave you. You definitely have the spirit of discernment and the wisdom that comes with this gift. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me. I am so happy that everything turned out well for your family. God Bless!

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