Dream Workshop #6 : 7 Key Principles to Interpretation 101

Learning to interpret dreams is much more difficult than it sounds. It takes a lot of prayer, being deeply rooted in the Word of God, carrying an understanding of the Word of God, and having a firm grasp on symbols, numbers, and enigmas (or proverbs) in order to gain better insight into the depth of dreams. To interpret your own dreams and others, the key factor to remember is that the interpretation truly belongs solely with the LORD. Joseph (OT) said, “It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace” (Gen. 41:16). In other words, interpretations belongs to God alone. Only He can give direction and peace in your heart. Only God can reveal the secrets you are longing to know, or what the night time enigma really means behind the symbols and colors within your dream. Seek His divine revelation first and foremost and allow peace to rule in your heart.
With all that said, interpretation doesn’t always come immediately, and in the process of waiting there are actually 7 key principles that can be applied to dream interpretation to help increase your wisdom and understanding. It is essential that you are able to grasp these fully before trying to interpret your own dreams or the dreams of others.

7 Key Principles

1. Ask questions: “Does this (symbol, color, number) mean anything specific to you?” or “What did you feel emotionally within the dream and upon waking?”
Does the dream require some kind of action? Repentance? Intercession?
Is it a confirmation, instruction, or a type of warning?
*Walk in humility, and approach interpretation with caution. It is very dangerous to walk in a spirit of “being a Know-it-all”. Never presume that you have all the answers or the spiritual meaning of another persons dream.
2. Turn your dream (or other people’s dream) into a time of intercession. Always pray about the dream and the meaning before presenting what you feel. Even then approach cautiously and let the other person direct the answer or how far they are willing to go with the interpretation. Always give any and all revelation with gentleness. Remember: The reception of the message is often dependent upon the delivery of the message. Proverbs 9:10 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Think about Daniel. His life was dependent on not only knowing the dream but also the interpretation. What did he do? He first rallied his friends to pray and stand in the gap with him for the revelation. Then when he was granted his petition by God, he thanked God and praised Him. Lastly, he went humbly before the king and spoke with a humble, gentle, nature.

3. Always keep dreams in perspective: in Colossians 2:18-19, Paul gives the reader a stern warning to “let no one cheat you of your reward, taking delight in false humility and worship of angels, intruding into those things which he has not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind, and not holding fast to the Head…” In other words, we have to be careful that we keep Christ as the Head and Center of our lives. We are never to become more enamored by the spiritual experience about Him; rather, we are to stay focused ON Him and In Him.

4. When interpreting always remain humble and give all the glory to God. It is nothing in and of ourselves, but it is all about HIM. He deserves all the glory and honor.

5.Always pray for Wisdom and discernment when interpreting dreams. Everything comes in God’s timing. WE have to remember that we can’t force an interpretation. We cant rush or beg for it to come. It is all in his timing. The reason we are given dreams and visions it so create a spirit of searching within our hearts. He desires us to ponder, search and pray for the full revelation. We often learn more in the search than in the final destination.

6. Remember: An appropriate interpretation should always bring you closer to God. The interpretation should always bring freedom and never bring you into bondage or legalism. The interpretation should never contradict God’s Word or nature. He will never contradict His Word.

7. When Interpreting make sure you remind yourself and others that we must always seek to be cautious. It is essential to never become dependent or directed by our dreams on a daily basis. An incorrect interpretation can falsely lead us astray. Make sure that each and every dream is brought before the LORD and that peace rules completely in your heart and mind once interpretation has come, been confirmed, and even then only take baby steps toward fulfillment. Never rush ahead or jump blindly toward making a dream message come to pass. Remember that dreams usually take a long time for fullness or fulfillment.

These are essential principles, and I have learned through the years (through trial and error) that interpreting for other people can be very painful. It is so important to keep your focus on the LORD. It can be exciting to feel like you understand the dream and have the answer, and it took time for me to learn that just because we may understand and know what the LORD is wanting to say, it doesn’t always mean that we have the liberty or permission to say it. Timing is so important. Sometimes we may know, and we are called to simply keep it and pray over it. Other times we may be instructed to share a knowledge of the symbols, and through this ‘outline’ the true meaning will penetrate the dreamer’s heart, and the interpretation will come to them alone. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you at every turn. We are merely vessels in the hands of the LORD. My desire is to speak with the tongue of the learned, and know how to speak a word in due season. I never want to be out of turn, or speak hastily. Psalm 119:11 says, “Your word I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin against You.” Again Proverbs states, “A man will be praised according to his insight,” but we must first learn wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discretion, and every good thing.


Have you ever had someone share a dream with you? Did you understand the meaning and jump in to share? Did you hide the message in your heart in order to pray over it? Have you ever had a dream that you completely understood and thought would happen immediately? Did you get discouraged when it didn’t come to pass right away or are you still waiting? Be patient and trust the LORD that if He is able to give you the message, then He will fulfill His Word. Stand strong and stay in the faith. Do not become discouraged, but if you are holding on to that prophetic promise begin to make warfare with the Word. Pray, intercede, speak those things that be not as though they were. God is good and faithful. Share with us something that you have experienced in interpreting your own dreams or someone else’s? Have you ever had a dream for someone else and sent them the message? Was the results good or bad? Did you act too hastily? No matter what, I encourage you to continue asking, seeking, and knocking. God will never fail you. Be blessed and keep dreaming.

11 thoughts on “Dream Workshop #6 : 7 Key Principles to Interpretation 101

  1. So very true! I tried interpreting a friend’s dream once without even praying about it and after I interpreted it from my “fleshy” understanding it was not what that dream was about and I learnt from that mistake I had made! I never did that again lol God taught me a lesson, that wisdom and understanding belongs to Him. Now that I’m a little older and growing nearer to Him I solely depend on Him to reveal what the dreams means. It doesn’t happen overnight but little pieces are starting to unfold and I’m glad about that. I continue to lay each dream at His feet and let Him take complete control and interpretations from each one that is given by Him. I ask the Holy Spirit to increase discernment over each dream to know if they are being sent by God or not. Blessings to you!

    1. Yes, you are so right. I have had a few dreams for others that I jumped to interpret, and I learned that sometimes God gives us dreams/interpretations to pray and intercede over versus sharing. It is essential to know what and how much to reveal or interpret when interpreting dreams. Thank you for sharing! 😊

  2. You ever hear of like healing dreams? last couples I’ve had these dreams where I don’t know how else to explain it but like I was letting go of some people. People of the past. I dream of them often over the years and I would wake being glad I wasn’t still with them. They were exhusband\boyfriends. But these last two dreams were great in a sense as I told them goodbye in a sense. Could my soul finally be healing of the past, as I have been working hard on letting go of my past and embracing my future. Also to answer your questions on this post…I once dreamt of a lady at our church having brain camcer. I asked her if i.Could pray for her the next day…I believe I was supposed to. I didn’t tell her about the dream just prayed. Then the urgency of the memory of the dream lifted once I prayed for her. I so enjoy your blog

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing! Yes, I have bad many healing dreams for myself and others. One of my greatest releases, from a bad past experience, came through a succession of dreams. I kept asking the LORD why I would have this same dream sequence of a childhood place, and once I understood that He was showing me release and healing then I began to understand. The LORD showed me that I was able to let go and be free. In the dream, I never said I forgave, but in the last one I had of this place I felt so happy and wonderful. I woke up knowing that I would not have to deal with this anymore. The LORD is so amazing and gentle. He didn’t force me to get to that understanding. Instead, He gently prodded me through dreams until revelation came. It seems that He has taken you in this direction as well, and doesn’t it feel awesome? To know He loves us so much! 😊 I will definitely be praying with you as you journey out of past hurts and old wounds. I pray He increases your revelation knowledge and heals every piece of your heart, mind, and emotions as you journey toward a brighter future. Amen!

  3. I do not think it is a coincidence that I came across your blog, and it’s actually because you started following mine (so thank you!). But this honestly just happened to me and I very much want to know what you think about this??
    I took a class some time ago and the teacher said it’s okay to ask the lord to speak to you through a dream. I have done this before and felt I received answers. Anyway, I recently asked for this again as my former spouse has been such a nightmare, constantly taking me to court for the dumbest reasons and harassing me through email, etc. it’s craziness and again I asked the lord to help me understand what to do. So I have this dream the other night and it’s my former spouse sitting in a chair and he’s his current age and everything and he has what looks like a serious medical condition. He has a pic line or a port (I don’t know the correct term) going straight to his heart. He doesn’t say anything but I can feel that he is somewhat remorseful of his past behavior. No words are exchanged. Just silence. That was the dream. Hmmm…any ideas? I really want to know how a person of your experience would see this?

    1. Thanks for following my blog! The LORD is so faithful and amazing to answer when we call😊. Just looking at your dream I would say that the LORD is possibly showing you that your ex has been mentally or emotionally in an upheaval to the point that it is as if he is in a serious condition. This could be a literal condition or a spiritual one. Either way there is going to be some sorrow and remorse to Prick his heart. In fact, the Lord was showing you a direct line running straight to his heart. This is a major heart issue and only through a direct “line” straight into his heart only then can things change. It feels as though the LORD is showing you that He is working on things even when it doesn’t seem like it or feel like it. A chair is a position or place where we “sit” down or become fixed in a thought, emotion, position, etc. I would say that this a dream giving you a word of knowledge on how to redirect your prayers so that real and true change will come. Continue to pray that the Lord will be able to penetrate the hardness of his heart, and his mind, will, and emotions. Pray for the deep remorse to become a reality, and that any and all changes are completely and directly from the heart. The Lord desires you to be free of the angst, agony, worry or harrassment, and in His graciousness has shown you where to begin. I pray He continues to give you the fullness of the revelation to hour dream. It seems to have more depth and layers, and I have only touched on the surface. May HE pour revelation knowledge into and on you in every area. Blessings to you!

  4. I very much appreciate your interpretation and feedback. Anything that turns us closer to God and His power is a beautiful thing. I feel your message and will press it upon my mind in further dealings with my former spouse as I just want the most “whole” co parent possible. He is in a dark place and is the one that left the marriage in a traumatic way. Although my life is so beautiful now I still have some PTSD from the last year of my marriage to him. God and my savior Jesus Christ
    truly did heal me so I am surprised that the hurt and pain can resurface at times. I am trying to see him as God sees him, which is really hard to do since he is trying to “chase my happiness”. I will continue to ask the lord for guidance to help protect my kids. I thank you for this insight.
    God bless!

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