3 Indicators of Spiritual Dreams

|Does the Dream Stir Your Spirit?|

Have you ever woke up from a dream and felt an intense stirring of your spirit? Maybe you remember, or don’t remember, the dream, but you feel your insides quaking. A good example of this comes from the book of Daniel. When the king had a dream it bothered him so much that he said, “I have had a dream, and my spirit is anxious to know the dream” (Daniel 2:3). His spirit was churning, and even from the scripture, and the king’s reaction we can see that he obviously didn’t remember the fullness of the dream. He not only wanted the interpretation, but he wanted to “know” the dream as well. Well, that’s a little extreme; after all, he was going to burn their houses and kill them if they didn’t make the dream and interpretation known to him, but the main essence here is how much his spirit man churned and longed to find the answer to what was making him feel this way.

1. The stirring of your spirit is a huge indicator that you have just had a spiritual dream.


|Does the Dream Cause You To Search Your Heart and Soul?|

When Jacob was on the run after tricking Esau out of his blessing, he “dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it” (Gen. 28:13). The dream caused something new to awaken in Jacob’s spirit man. He immediately said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.’ And he was afraid and said, ‘How awesome is this place!’” (Gen. 28:16-17). Jacob began to contemplate the excellence of the place where he slept as well as the magnificence of the word he had just received. This dream caused Jacob to search his soul a little deeper, and think deeper on his true spiritual inheritance. He makes a vow right there in the exact spot where the dream occurred because, like all of us, he throws out that fleece by saying, if this is you, God….. How many of us have ever done that? I’ve had dreams that caused me to do some deep soul searching, praying, seeking God’s Word, and when I felt like the answer came, I would still say, “Okay, if this is you, God, could You…..” I believe it is natural as we search, to seek, and as we seek, we ask, and His Word tells us that as we ask it shall be given.

2. This is often indicates a spiritual dream, which prompts you to ask, seek, pray, search, even examine your own life.


|Does the Dream(s) Have A Repetitive Message?|

Have you ever had the same dream more than one time? Maybe it is always a different dream, but the setting is always the same? These dreams can be random in content, but when you have found the meaning or message, it always seems to line up exactly the same. Repetitive dreams can come in many forms and categories. There are past dreams that deal with issues you may need to address in your life now in order for you to be healed, set free, and/or delivered. There are prophetic dreams of what is going to happen or come to pass that need attention in your present day circumstances. A good example of a “past” repetitive dreams for healing would be if you dream continuously of a childhood home, or a place you spent a lot of time as a child. Maybe you are grown in the dream, but you always find yourself in the same location. This is a repetitive setting, and it prompts our minds to wonder why? Why am I always in my grandmother’s old house? Why do I always see myself back in the home where I spent the first ten years of my life, etc? Well, in the case of the childhood places, we are experiencing a repetitive dream dealing with issues from our childhood that have not yet been conquered or healed in our present life. The LORD continuously shows you this setting because He wants to take you back to that moment in time when maybe things changed, or you experienced a bad incident, your life was altered by something powerful, etc…and the LORD wants to heal you of all the wounds and scars that have been left behind so that you can move higher in Him, and find rest for your weary soul (check out my blog: What Does It Mean If I Dream About……. for more on this subject).

Another example: a “prophetic” repetitive dream shows us what is about to come to pass or where the LORD wants to take us, a call on our life, an assignment that needs to be complete, etc. A great example of this type of dream would be Joseph (OT) having two similar dreams at or near the same time (Gen.37). The message was exactly the same; therefore, they could be considered repetitive. His brothers sheaves bow down to him, and in the other dream the Sun, moon, and eleven stars bow down to him. Although the dreams were different the underlying message was exactly the same. The LORD often uses these dreams to catch our attention. Joseph had a call of greatness on his life, and the LORD was showing him at a young age that no matter what things look like in the natural He is a God who is able to do the impossible. His brothers hated him for the dreams and they mocked him, “Look, this dreamer is coming!” (Gen.37:19). Immediately, they plotted to kill him, and only because of Reuben’s mercy did they stop their evil planning. (side note: be careful who you tell your dreams to. Often, people will try and spiritually “kill” the message that is inside of you). Little did they know, but they could not stop the hand of God from moving on Joseph’s life. From the pit to the palace, Joseph must have held on to those dreams like a lifeline. He knew that God would not and could not fail him. Another example is the dreams of  Pharaoh. He also had two repetitive dreams, and look at the thing that Joseph tells him once the interpretation is given: “And the dream was repeated to Pharaoh twice because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass” (Gen. 41:32, *emphasis mine). There are many other examples, but either way, I find it very interesting that God is establishing something and trying to catch our attention. Even if it is dealing with your past, it is almost as if He is saying that if you don’t find healing then this thing that has been established over your life will keep you trapped in the old. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want things that are not healthy or good established over me. If there are areas that need healing, and believe me when I say that the majority of people having these “past” repetitive dreams already know what it is the LORD is trying to root out and heal, then I want to be receptive of the message and be healed and set free. I never want to be like the children of Israel who just couldn’t seem to get the message of their purpose and life. They wandered for forty years in a repetitive pattern. We must first accept the correction, learn the lesson, be healed and set free through prayer (and repentance if necessary), and then walk out of the old and into the new.

3. Repetitive dreams are often strong evidence that you are having a spiritual dream.


As you think about these three indicators of spiritual dreams, which one have you experience the most in your spiritual dreaming? Have you felt a powerful stirring, a soul searching or burning to desire to seek more and know, or repetitions of the same type of dream? If so, share with us your insight on one of these three. For example, I have experienced all three, but the one that has stood out the most was the repetition of a dream that I continued to have into adulthood. It was always the same place but different circumstances. It took me a long time to figure out why I was always in this childhood place, but once I realized what the message was (and note, I did this through much prayer, journaling, charting the message, etc) then I was able to focus my prayers on the area that needed healing and release it back to the LORD. I have never dreamed of this anymore since that day. I believe in the power of the Word and my God and Savior. He always desires our good, and the Word says that He has a good plan for our life. He wants all hindrances and obstacles, which can and will fester down inside of us, to be removed. Let Him show you today where you need to be set free or healed. Seek to hear more of His voice whether if it is in Spiritual dreams, prophetic utterances, His Word, a soft whisper in your heart, etc. Be ready and willing to receive from Him today. Be blessed!

(Side Note: I think it is extremely important to always seek the LORD on any dreams that you may have. As I noted in earlier blogs, I do not believe that every dream is from the LORD. It is essential that the message of your dream line up completely with the Word of God. The LORD will never contradict His Word. Seek Him in all areas so that you will not be in error or follow false dreams that can lead us astray. 🙂 ).


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