A Warning Dream?

The Dream

by Lord Byron

“Our life is twofold: Sleep hath its own world,
A boundary between the things misnamed
Death and existence: Sleep hath its own world,
And a wide realm of wild wild reality,
And dreams in their development have breath,
And tears, and tortures, and the touch of Joy;
They leave a weight upon our waking thoughts,
They take a weight from off our waking toils,
They do divide our being; they become
A portion of ourselves as of our time,
And look like heralds of Eternity;
They pass like spirits of the past, -they speak
Like Sibyls of the future; they have power –
The tyranny of pleasure and of pain;
They make us what we were not – what they will,
And shake us with the vision that’s gone by, . . .”

How the Two Worlds Collide

Much like the poem by Lord Byron, dreams are often seen as a thin line between the world of reality and the unknown often unnatural world of dreams. In the Bible Job relates a similar idea on dreams: “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds. Then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction. In order to turn man from his deed, and conceal pride from man” (33:15-17). Instructions are given, ears are opened, and “dreams in their development have breath” (line 5), and the world between the two is unique, exciting, often inexplicable, and filled with “tears, and tortures, and the touch of joy” (line 6).

Dreams Shake Us With Visions Gone By. . . .

Three years ago I had a disturbing dream…..
We have always had horses. My husband was raised around them, and even now we have around twenty five horses on our farm. He is an excellent rider, and has spent his teen and adult life riding, breaking, and training horses for himself and others. So, when I had the dream it bothered me because it involved an area that my husband spends a lot of time and energy on. In the dream he is on what I thought was a dark, speckled gray horse. It is acting wild rearing and kicking its back legs vigorously. Because he is on the horse without a saddle, he doesn’t have anything to hold on to other than the horse’s mane. So, when the horse begins bucking and running, I watch in horror as my husband is thrown from the horse, and he lands on a piece of farm equipment (it was actually a hay fluffer), and he dies. I woke up visibly shaken by the dream. I told my husband the next morning about the crazy dream, and I warned him not to buy a gray horse. He simply smiled (he still claims he doesn’t dream so…) and said, “Don’t worry. I don’t like gray horses.” Up until this point we had rarely ever had a gray horse on our farm so I felt confident that it was just a warning to be careful, and like all my other dreams, I wrote it down and covered it in prayer.

Fast forward three years….
This past Saturday, a couple came over to look at, and possibly buy, a new horse my husband had just bought. I had not yet seen the horse so I was planning to go up to the barn to watch him ride it. As I was heading toward the door my husband staggered in. I could tell immediately that something was very wrong. His face was pale, his clothes were covered in dust and dirt, and he was holding his side in pain.  “The horse bucked me off,” he said.  I was shocked. In all the years we had been married he had never been bucked off.
“It was the new one. The speckled Blue Roan.”

It wasn’t until we were sitting at the doctor’s office the next day that I thought about the horse and like a flash of lightning the dream filled my mind. A Blue Roan is a horse that is colored so dark of gray and white that it looks almost blue in certain lights – hence the name. The horse in my dream had been a dark gray with white speckles (or intermingled white hairs all over it’s body giving it the appearance of a strange gray or roan mixture). Then I discovered that he was riding this horse bareback, just like in the dream, when it began to go crazy and rear and buck until my husband could not gain a hold on it any longer. He ended up being thrown off in front of the barn, landing only inches from the sharp edges of a flatbed, farm trailer. It was a very surreal moment as the two worlds (dream and reality) suddenly collided. Three years had passed since that moment, but the dream had never fully left me. Thinking about what might have been still shakes me a little. Yes, I had covered him in prayer since the day of the dream, and yes, I had given the dream to the LORD after I didn’t get any deep revelation, but to have the moment become a reality is a tremendously humble and terrifying thing. “They pass like spirits of the past, -they speak / Like Sibyls of the future; they have power – / The tyranny of pleasure and of pain;” (lines 12-14). He was injured, but he was alive. How amazing is the God of Heaven who surrounds us with His shield of protection and holds us within the palm of His hand. I didn’t cast the dream off as nonsense, but I gave my worry and anxiousness to the LORD. I pleaded His precious blood over the circumstances. Did my husband walk away unscathed? No. He has fractured ribs, pulled muscles, and lots of bruising, but praise God, he is alive.

Dreams That Give A Warning

So, what is a warning dream, and why should I listen to them? These are dreams that occur in order that we might pray, intercede, and prepare for the attacks of the enemy. In spiritual warfare, one must always be prepared to battle against the forces of darkness. The Bible says that we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood, but with principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this age, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. We are commended in His Word to take up the whole armor of God in order to do battle against the wiles of the devil (Ephesians 6). We must fight with the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, through prayer and intercession, and being watchful or on guard at all times (6:18). Dreams that offer direction are usually filled with high levels of revelation and are very prophetic. There is a sense of urgency that often pervades these dreams. Think about the wise men of the Bible. They were told in a dream not to return to Herod (Matt. 2:12), and because of this urgency, this warning, they felt compelled to go a different direction. In other words, their life was on the line, and if they had refused to listen to their dream then who knows what would have happened.

Understanding that dreams can and do carry spiritual significance is so important. Not every dream we have is from the LORD, but in my experience it is better to pray over all your dreams, submit them to the LORD for revelation, and do a Word-base comparison to the message that you feel is being relayed to you. If it is a warning then pray over that dream and ask the LORD to protect and shield you under Psalm 91. We have authority over the enemy and all the plots and plans of the enemy are null and void. Why? Because I have been given authority, and life and death reside in the power of my tongue, your tongue. Speak life over any and all situations in your life.  Trust that the LORD who created you is able to keep you with all diligence. Dreams may come that shake our heart, our mind, even our faith at times, but when we put our strength and hope in Jesus then we will never be disappointed. Be blessed and keep dreaming.

10 thoughts on “A Warning Dream?

    1. Thank you for reading! I’m excited to read more of your blog. I really enjoyed The blog on “Where Is Your Helmet.” I have struggled with the issue of the enemy attacking my mind many times. This is a great read for all those who struggle in that area. 😊

  1. Thank you, I am so encouraged by this post. I often have prophetic dreams. I have had two dreams warning me of my children drowning and twice I have witnessed them come to pass like yours, lessened by prayer. Two nights ago I had a third drowning dream, this time I did not wake up before I knew whether the child was rescued, instead I saw myself give the child mouth to mouth and bring her back from blue to pink. It was a very different dream as it was an accidental drowning but one caused by the child herself, experimenting with not breathing underwater. In the dream she had a whole list of how not to breathe underwater, ideas written down to try.
    When I woke I also prayed for the child and the family. I immediately thought to invite the mother to our church conference. Then I slept again. This time I dreamt that I invited the child and her mother to a women’s conference, at my old church and she came.
    I am not sure of two things;
    1. how much of the dream to share with the mother of the child (age 6) or if I should just continue to pray.
    2. How to follow the direction, do I invite her to a conference at my current church or my old church?
    If you can prayerfully shed any light that would be amazing, but if not, I am grateful for what I have read here and for the opportunity to share with someone my dream, the sharing helps me process.
    God bless your husband’s recovery. God bless you as you help him. Thank you Jesus for covering this man through dreams and the faithful prayers of his wife.
    Lots of love, L

    1. Thank you for sharing! Prophetic dreams for others is such a difficult road to maneuver. There have been times when the Lord released me to share the dream, and other times I jumped ahead and shared, and the result was very hard. I will definitely be praying with you on how much or any of the dream to share with the mom. It might also depend on how close you are to this person in real life, and how well you know her spiritual values, how well she will receive, etc.

      On another note, I think it is so awesome that you listened to your warning dreams for your children and was able to be victorious over the enemy. God is so faithful to show us if we will only listen, receive, and be faithful to pray. In those dreams you knew that it was absolutely literal, and you took immediate authority over the enemy. Another thought to add to the dream of drowning, looking at it from a spiritual aspect as well (since this dream was for someone else outside your family). A lot of the time when we dream of drowning or someone drowning it can also represent feelings of being overwhelmed by uncertainty or situations in life that feel excessive and unbearable; being overcome by failure; insecurities, negative and impacting emotions, etc. If this dream about the other child is spiritual, and possibly two-fold on a literal level as well, it could mean that she is not only overwhelmed with things beyond her control, but she is also planning ways to “handle” things on her own (since she had a list wrote down in the dream). This is a little concerning because it could allude to many things depending on the age of the child and her disposition (meaning does she deal with sadness, depression, negativity, suicidal thoughts etc), and the fact that she almost drowns in the dream shows that she is not able to do this alone. She needs the support and strength of others to keep her head above water and well grounded.

      I believe the dream offers you the key: Pray for her fervently. She is in a difficult place whether literal or spiritual and in great need of being healed. To see yourself inviting the mom is another step of healing for them. It is a way for them to be immersed more deeply in the word and possibly get even more connected with a body of believers who will help them on their journey. Whether your old church or new is something to pray over and seek the Lord. Look at the aspects and offering of both places to see which you feel will benefit the mom the most (since you are familiar with both churches and what they offer). In everything continue to give prayer and supplication toward the family. The LORD knows that He can trust you with His direction, and that you are diligent and faithful to pray and intercede. I pray that all works out for the family, and I pray that the LORD continues to pour His word in and through you in the natural and the spiritual realm.

      1. Than you, so much, this is exactly the conversation I needed. I am so grateful to the Lord for putting you on my heart @dreamsandvisions. The child is in a very difficult situation with a sick older sibling. I had wondered a little about what you said, although much less comprehensively. I will pray over all of it fervently as you say, and ask the Lord for guidance. We’ll see if he gives more…if not this helps my decision making a lot.

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