7 Of The Most Common Dreams

The tornado was huge. A white/grey, massive storm that whirled through town with intent and purpose. I remember running into a bank because it was the closest building nearby. Once inside I was shocked to find my friend, Renae in there. Together we huddled down as the storm began to tear the bricks from the wall with such force that the building shook like a bomb had exploded. I looked above me and saw the swirling storm hovering, and within a moments time I felt the LORD touch my leg, and with one large hand He wrote something (lengthwise) down the thigh of my right leg.

All of my life I have been a dreamer. Even before I understood what dreams really meant, I would have crazy, accurate, dreams that I would see come to pass (sometimes quickly and sometimes after many years). It wasn’t until I began researching, studying, and praying over the purpose and meaning of dreams that I finally began to understand the importance and significance of why we dream.

Why Do We Dream?

Most of us know the technical reason why we dream, but do we understand the spiritual aspect? Dreams are an avenue in which the LORD can choose to speak to us. I’m not suggesting that all dreams are spiritual; however, I am suggesting that you pray over the messages (once interpreted) in order to find out what the LORD is speaking into your life. Much like my tornado dream, there could be a significant purpose to your dream. Had I ignored the dream, I would have missed out on some great revelations during those transitional years of ministry. Did it make me feel a little afraid? Of course! I spent many hours, days, and months in prayer while waiting on the revelations, and to be honest the fullness of the meaning has yet to be revealed to me, but I know that God is still working on my behalf. He marked my leg in the dream with His own hand and in his own language. He marked me as His, and I receive the promise with great jubilation! His ways are always better and higher than my own, and I hold to the promise that He is working all things together for my good.ย  So, with all that said, let’s look at the top seven most common dreams that everyone has. I tried to narrow the list down because I have written blogs on a few of these already (teeth, school, house, snakes, and vehicles)

1. Dreaming of Storms?

Storm dreams falls in the category of the twenty most common dreams. Storms often indicate intercessory, spiritual warfare type of dreams. Most of the time these dreams speak of foreshadowing or hint at things that are to come (can be both negative and positive). These dreams can often instill a sense of fear or trepidation, but that does not mean that it isn’t from God. Some people feel that if a dream is emotionally disturbing or scary then it must be from the enemy. This is not true. Even in scripture you will find that when God spoke to His people they often felt great fear. John, in Revelations, fell down like a dead man. Also what about the reactions of the children of Israel (they shook in fear at the presence of God on the mountain), and what about Moses reaction on Mount Sinai? We are told in Hebrews 12:21: “And so terrible was the sight, that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake.” What aboutย  Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah, etc? God’s Word, His Majesty, is powerful. His presence is unexplainable.

2. Dreams of Dying

These dreams can be a little more disturbing especially if the person that dies is you or someone you care deeply for. However, I once heard a teaching by John Paul Jackson that states that if you dream someone is dying it is normally a spiritual dream about the passing away or dying of the old man and a resurrection of the new. It can also indicate that an issue, era, or career could be coming to an end. The only time that dying in a dream is concerning, or even related to a literal meaning, is when the dreamer sees actual bright, red, blood. This would call for greater intercession and prayer on behalf of whoever it is that is dying. Now, this has never occurred in one of my dreams, but I have dreamed of deaths, and each time the significance has been revealed with great clarity. Whatever the reason, it is essential that we wage war with the prophetic insight we are given. Hold fast to the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and stand on His Word as you fight against any plots and plans of the enemy.

3. Dreams of Falling

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been almost asleep and then jerk away because you saw yourself trip or fall in a dream? This is extremely common as well as the dreams where we find ourselves falling from great heights. Often this type of dream reveals an overwhelming fear of losing control in your daily life. Very rarely do you ever dream of hitting the bottom, right? My grandmother (and her old wives tales) used to say that if you hit the ground you would die in real life); however, I don’t hold to those old sayings because God is much greater than any of those things. The most important aspect of the dream to remember is where you’re falling from, and what are you falling into (water, trampoline, etc). These will indicate what your are depending on to catch you, and how you are dealing with situations in the natural.

4. Dreams of Being Chased

Wow! Who hasn’t had a dream of being chased? When I was a little girl I constantly dreamed that someone was breaking in my home and chasing me around. I would want to scream out to my parents to help, but my voice would be completely gone. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that being chased often represents a feeling of being overwhelmed, out of control (with no control over your own life), and being pursued by the enemy who desperately wants to come against your life and purpose. So why would this dream come through if its the enemy coming against you? Because God wants you to be aware of the plots and plans of the enemy so that you can prepare, pray, come against with the Word, fight the good fight, and intercede. Pay attention to what emotions you experience. Mine was always fear and loss of my voice. AS I grew I understood that I felt like I didn’t have a voice when I was a child. I felt like I had little control over my own life and emotions, and these feelings transferred into the enemy making me feel fear, shame, depression, and unworthiness.ย  What about dreams where you are chasing someone? Who is it? Why are you running after them? Pay attention to the little details in order to find out what the LORD is trying to say through the dream.

5. Dreams of Past Relationships

Often these dreams indicate a temptation to return to old patterns of behavior, old ways of thinking, the life that you lived during that time period, and/or a desire to go back to the past where things might/might not have been resolved. One important reminder: Just because you dream of an old relationship does not mean that you will automatically go back and restore that relationship, or even that God is telling you that you should. It more than likely refers to what that particular person represented in your life during that time-frame. For example: a person who was not a good influence in your life, or who treated you poorly would represent a warning from God to not return or relapse into that mindset or habit anymore. It was unprofitable to you then, and it can and will probably be detrimental to you (and possibly any new relationship) now.

6. Dreams of Flying

I love these dreams, but they can also be so frustrating. Have you ever dreamed that you were trying to fly, but you couldn’t seem to get off the ground? This could indicate that there are situations or issues that are keeping you from reaching your full spiritual capacity. Also, they show that you are not used to operating in the things of the spirit, but you are determined to succeed so you keep persevering. Flying dreams mean a spiritual capacity to rise above problems or difficulties in order that we may soar to the heavenlies, and/or explore revelatory gifts of some nature.

7. Dreams of Being Naked or Exposed

Yes, these dreams are embarrassing and a bit freaky, but they do truly lend a meaning that speaks volumes. Often when we have this type of dream it is to indicate that we are becoming transparent, exposed, vulnerable. Most often these dreams arrive when we are in great times of transition in our lives, or times when we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and out of control within our own lives.

Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of why we consistently have the same types of dreams. If you are having one that is the same over and over it is often because the LORD is trying to get a message across to you. Once you get the message and make moves to readjust then the dreams will often stop. There is great healing and restoration in understanding our dreams. The LORD is so faithful and good to reveal to us what direction we need to move, things that need to be restored, areas that need to be healed or delivered. What are some recurring symbols you have had that isn’t listed above? Do you have a dream that keeps repeating, but you aren’t sure what it means? Share with us some of your thoughts about symbols. Be blessed and keep dreaming.


9 thoughts on “7 Of The Most Common Dreams

  1. I’ve had various dreams with dogs chasing me down and when they bit me I actually felt the their jaws penetrating through my flesh, but I would always defeat them and when I looked on my hands in the dream I would see no wounds, blood nothing at all! Haha, I know God was fighting for me and He continues to. These days He’s giving me the same dreams where I’m being separated from my current church members and I’m left alone facing large mountains. I’ve been having them at 3 times this week I dreamt it but the scene would change but it showcase the same message. Separation, division, etc.

    1. Wow! Those are both significant and powerful dreams. The dogs are definitely the enemy when they are coming against you and biting you. They also represent strife and contention. I think it is so significant that you could feel the bite, but had no injuries. Praise the Lord! The enemy has tried to attack, and you’ve felt the teeth of the enemy even clamping down at times, but the Lord has kept you. He has made you a warrior. Hands represent our works and deeds also spiritual warfare. All the enemies plots and plans come to nothing๐Ÿ˜Š.

      In the other dream it could be, depending on what is going on in your life concerning your church, either a separation set in motion by God as He leads you to the mountain, like Moses, in order to get alone with Him, or a warning not to separate yourself from the fold. The Lord is so faithful to reveal, isn’t He? I pray blessings over you and complete revelation.๐Ÿ˜Š

      1. Yes haha!!!! He always get diminishes and defeated always in my dreams whenever he tries to attack me!
        Wow! What you said about warning of not separating myself from the fold, I find myself somewhat being isolated from my brothers and sisters in Christ, you know. Because the way I see it, only the”popular ones” are noticed in the body and those are the ones which are not seriously grounded in God, you know! Its just so much and I believe He’s giving me that dream over and over a reason. I’ll continue to pray about it, thank you much!

      1. Wow. I couldn’t get enough of your blog. Dreams have interested me and I have had my share of “God dreams”. I also have read one of James Goll’s books, as well as others. Will continue to follow your posts.

      2. I love James Goll and also John Paul Jackson. Both have written amazing books with great insight on dreams. ๐Ÿ˜Š. I appreciate your encouraging words. Be blessed!

  2. I had two repeating dreams, which only stopped when I received inner healing from childhood issues. One dream was going down a scaffolding. It kept repeating for around 2 years. The other dream was a room in the house I grew in. (Later on I recalled this was the room where I got molested as a child, and the dream stopped after I got delivered from that eperience.)

    1. Isn’t it amazing when the Lord gives us dreams and revelation to help us overcome emotional and physical issues? ๐Ÿ˜Š. Another note on scaffolding: it often represents feeling serious about working on issue(s), this is often a serious work, and one that can be annoying because it seems to be taking to long to get it fixed; however, restoration is in progress. A state of self-improvement that isn’t permanent but is ongoing – temporary state that won’t last forever. Also a feeling of danger can prevade these dreams because it is risky and the chance that we might fall instead of accomplishing what needs to be done is always in the air.
      Moving around on the scaffolding shows that you are manuvering the problem with diligence but that you were still in the process. I also used to dream of a past place where I dealt with childhood issues. I was always an adult in these dreams. It is amazing that the Lord wanted to show me that during that time frame I was wounded and for me to go forward and be healed I had to co front the wounds instead of burying them. I am thankful for Him setting me free. Thank you so much for reading and sharing! This was awesome. Be blessed.

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