A Prophetic Dream

“Season’s change and friends come and go. This journey can feel so long and the nights can feel so cold. Yet we walk it out by faith across a canyon so deep, on a bridge of the unknown, and one we can’t even see……..”

Ahhh! How I remember the day the Lord began to give me this song for worship. I gloried in the words of faith and strength He was speaking, and yet, I didn’t have the first clue that He was not only giving me a song, but He was preparing me for a journey. A journey that would require me to trust Him completely. It began with the song, and then came the night time dream, a prophetic encounter that astonished and amazed me.

A Prophetic Dream Encounter

So what is a prophetic dream? It is a dream in which you are shown things that are about to come to pass. These, just like a prophetic word you might receive, is often given in a parabolic form (not always but sometimes), and they create in you a sense of hunger and desperation to understand the meaning, to search, to pray, and to ponder the deep, mysterious things of God.

You see, at this point in time when I received the song and then the dream, I was having a highlighted season in ministry. I was serving diligently. I was ecstatic over the things that my Women’s Dance Team was accomplishing for the kingdom. We were a group of fourteen ladies all sold out for Christ and living and breathing the Word through every dance move we made. I loved being the leader and guiding the women on not just a worship journey but a spiritual journey of hope. We didn’t just get together and spend thirty minutes at practice. We studied the Word together, did accountability journals, shared our hearts, prayed weekly with one another, traveled and ministered together, and I was on a literal spiritual high because I felt like I had it all together, and then it happened…..

About a month after the Lord gave me the song, I had a dream. In the dream I was on an obstacle course running up a snow covered mountain. It was me, my husband, and another lady (a friend named “S.”,) that I was very close to. For several years she had become a great friend and spiritual mentor in my life. I noticed that we were all struggling to get to the top of the mountain, and the path began to become more narrow and treacherous the farther we climbed. When we got to a particularly difficult place my friend, “S.”, looked at me and said, “I’m slipping.” I could see that she was sliding (like on ice) away from me and toward the edge of the cliff. I began to panic because I was afraid she would fall off the edge and die. I reached out my hand to help her up, but she refused to take it. As I’m praying and encouraging her in the dream, suddenly a side passage appears, and she turns and slides away from me. I immediately pick up my cell phone to call my other dear friend (also part of our dance group), to help me pray and find “S.” I’m still on the edge of the mountain, but I can clearly see, as if I have traveled to her location, that my friend has tossed her own cell phone into a locker, and she too has disappeared. I felt a moment of heaviness and discouragement in the dream, but my husband reaches for my hand, and I allow him to pull me back into the climb, and we safely make it to the top. When I awoke, I knew that the dream and the song were one and the same. They were a confirmation of something shifting and changing, which would take great faith to walk through.

At the time of this dream, I had only been studying dreams for about two or three years; however, I knew with everything within me that it was significant. The song and the dream combined had already spoken volumes into my inner man – things were about to shift, and I wasn’t so sure that I was ready for it.

The Shifting!

When are we ever ready for shifting and changing? Well some people are, but I am one of those universal creatures that adores routine. I have never enjoyed changes. I’m the one who drives my tractor in the hayfield in the same circular pattern year after year. Yes, it’s boring, but there is a sense safety and security when things are as you expect them to be. It’s only when a shaking occurs that uncertainty pops up its little monstrous head. Changes tend to always come at very hard times. Have you ever noticed that? Things will be smooth and wonderful and then BAM! Changes happen to shake things up.  In the natural, I love winter. Summer is okay, but the changing between summer and fall, winter and spring always brings about big disturbances in the natural atmosphere. Weather gets unpredictable and sometimes harsh. One moment it’s beautiful and then BAM! (like the spiritual) changes happen.

It’s the same way in the spiritual. Things shift and move, and it feels hard and uncertain, and although, I know (in my “knower” as my grandmother used to say) that God is up to something, and He promises good and not evil, right? That means that no matter what takes place around me, no matter who walks away from my life, no matter how much my world turns on its axis, He promises in His everlasting Word that HE will never leave me nor forsake me. He has plans to prosper and heal me; to give me a hope and future – all good things, and yet, sometimes it still feels bad in the moment. Humans are just too unpredictable and finicky. That free-will thing makes life even more uncertain because people are prone to walk away when things get difficult. Just like the weather we all have the ability to shift, move, walk away…..

The Meaning of the Dream….

Well, it wasn’t very long before I understood the meaning of the dream in its fullness. In fact, the friend who slipped down the icy/snowy path in the dream truly did take a “side” path in the natural and easily walked away only a few months after the dream took place. Not only had she let go of me, and our friendship, but she had also lost the momentum to run the race. She was tired and ready for a season of rest (this I learned from her many years down the road). The other friend (the one I called) was a second – separate – part of the dream, but the Lord was warning me ahead of time that she, too, was about to walk away, close off all communication (she put her phone in a locker that was shut and sealed; in other words, it was going to happen and it would be final), and she would choose not to remain connected with me, the dance team, or the ministry. Whew! Talk about a difficult revelation. Did I know at the time of the dream what it all meant? Did I realize that both incidents would occur within a year’s time? I had a few ideas about what the dream was ultimately referring to, but like all of us, we often hope that things will turn out differently. We often hope that maybe we just missed the interpretation – you know, got it wrong (when it applies to our own life 🙂 ).We pray for the dream to turn and go a different way, but there are times in life when things just progress because that is the way they are supposed to go. In fact, the LORD was graciously preparing me ahead of time for what was coming. He knows our ins and outs, our rising up and setting down. He already knew what was going to place before it ever happened. Nothing takes Him by surprise, and in all His glory and majesty, HE still loved me enough to show me and prepare me for the new season I was walking into. I don’t know about you, but to me that was a WOW moment! HE was also letting me know that despite the pain and loss that both severances would cause, I was still running the race. I had to maintain my focus and take HIS hand. I was running the race for HIM and HIM alone. I could give up, sure, but, He was showing me that I had strength and endurance. I could choose to go the same path as others, or I could be different. I could be determined. I could take HIS hand and finish the race.

Seasons of Life

There are seasons of life when we can hold on to things, and some seasons we have to graciously learn to let go. How long is a season? Well, it can’t be measured like the natural seasons where we say December through March is winter, etc. No, seasons can be varied in length and in time. This dream came to pass pretty quickly, and because I knew that things were changing I was a little better prepared. It still wasn’t easy, but I persevered. The catalyst of losing two key members (to the team) was devastating, but I learned that even ministry areas have certain seasons too. When one thing ends it is because the LORD has something better in store if only we believe and wait patiently on HIM. I am still learning this lesson even now thirteen years later. Just like the dream, I want to reach out and hold things together with my own hands, and yet, I know that I don’t have the ability to make anything or anyone choose what I think is right. It’s not really up to me. I have to leave it in God’s hands, and He will do the work that needs to be done. I have to put my hand in His and worry about my own race, run by faith, stand my ground, and walk out my own destiny in Him. Be blessed and keep dreaming.

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