Dream Workshop #1


For those who are interested in learning more about interpreting dreams, symbols, and numbers then this is the perfect place. I will be doing a short weekly segment to help understand night dreams and vision and allow others to ask questions, send in short dreams, or just discuss the material a little further. I’m still learning my way around blogging so I will have to use the comment section for you all to send things in for now. I will try to update later depending on the response or how well I feel like this category is going.

Week One:

One way to begin looking a little deeper into a dream/dream practices would be to look to those who have, since Biblical times, revered the voice of God through dreams. The Jewish tradition looked deep into the significance of what dreams are really trying to say to the individual dreamer. Ancient Hebrews were extremely receptive to dreams as a means of divine communication; however, they viewed this avenue through a critical analysis rather than a superstition mindset. In fact, the Hebraic culture took dreams seriously and held to the Word which states, “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1). One of their basic rituals was the Jewish bedtime prayer in order to prepare the mind and body for sleep in order that they may be open to God’s revelation and visitation. As James Goll wrote in his book on dreams, “Before we can understand our dreams, we must reflect on them; and before we can reflect on them, we must be able to remember them.” This is the purpose of the Jewish prayer, sefer chalomot. Now, I am not a theologian or major scholar, but I have read this prayer often before bedtime, and it does bring about a certain feeling of peace and connection to the LORD. Another major part of the prayer-time and dream preparation is the time of self-reflection (taking time to review your day and take inventory of your soul). This is a great way to unload your mind and prepare for sleep.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How did your day go over all?
  2. Did you encounter any issues or problems that made you feel overwhelmed? Angry? Upset?
  3. What are some major areas that you see in your own life that need improvement?
  4. What made you feel really good about yourself and life in general today?
  5. Do you have a grudge against someone for a hurt or a wrong? Could you forgive them?
  6. What are some areas that you feel you have failed in today? Are there things you need forgiveness for today?
  7. As you extend your heart toward others, who is someone you would like to pray for?
  8. What are some things you would hope for to have a better tomorrow?

Jewish Prayer (Ochs, The Jewish Dream Book)

Blessed are You, our God, gracious One, Keeper of the World, Who makes my eyes sleepy and causes my eyelids to close. God of those who came before me, Help me to lie down peacefully and rise up peacefully. While I sleep may I not be disturbed by troubling ideas, bad dreams, or scary thoughts that  come to me in the night. May my sleep bring both rest and insight. Blessed are You, God, for illuminating the whole world in glorious ways.

I LOVE this prayer! I have prayed it many nights and led my own children in the prayer. We speak the scripture that says, “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:8), and also, “I lay down and slept: I awoke, for the LORD sustained me” (Psalm 3:5). What a beautiful bedtime prayer and self-reflection. I encourage you today to try this before you fall asleep. It quiets the doubts and frustrations of the day. It stills the nagging voices that try and set your mind into turmoil over the faults and failures from the day. Life is hard, and we all mess up and have rough moments, but it is essential that these things be laid aside and our minds ready and receptive to hear the voice of the LORD through dreams, prophetic utterances, His still small voice, His illuminated scripture, whatever and whichever way He chooses that He wants to speak. I don’t know about you, but I want to be open and ready to receive from HIM.

If you have a question or a short dream just leave a comment. By short, I mean quick, main facts. For example: I dreamed that my younger sister was having twin girls, and her friend walked up and said, “I’m having a baby too.” I told my dream to my sister, and that week I found out that her friend was helping out a friend who, in fact, just found out that she is having twins. Wow! How wild is that? Did I understand this dream at the time? Of course not, but God works in mysterious ways, and even though the dream was much more detailed these few little facts help me see that no matter what we think something means, until it comes to pass then we cannot fathom the fullness of what God is doing in and around us. Be blessed and keep dreaming.



6 thoughts on “Dream Workshop #1

    1. That’s what I was taught as a young girl by my grandmother. I have seen the truth of some of the old superstitions, but over the years I have learned through baby dreams, for example, that more often than not they represent the birth of a promise – something you have been praying and believing for, or something the Lord is “birthing” inside of you. For example: my sister’s husband lost his job, and immediately afterward I dreamed that she was having a baby that was over due. After months of worry she just found out he is getting his job back with a big raise. I think it’s is definitely in our perspective, how we view the dreams and what we feel like the LORD is trying to show us. Hope this helps. 😊

  1. Please I need an Interpretation to this dream.In the first part of it ,worship songs, praises and dancing with different Musical Instruments were being played which I had never witnessed in my life. In the second part ,we were in a field. I saw a pillar of cloud coming down from the sky.I was afraid and we all prostrated face down on the field and shouted “Jesus ! “.I couldn’t raise my head because of fear.

    1. Hi! I found the dream, and I’m still working on my blogging skills lol. I
      dont know how I pressed the wrong button, but if you are still interested this is what I felt concerning the dream. Normally, a field represents the world. The cloud of glory is much like the one represented in the days of Moses. His glory ascended and was a cloud of fire by night and a cloud by day. It was protection, light in the darkness, a shield to those who were under or beneath it. Praise and dancing within a dream often represents warfare, glory, and surrender. It was as if you were part of a great movement awaiting the great movement of the Lord. As you stand in the gap in this world your spirit is crying out for great revival in this world (field) unlike anything you have ever seen before. You are dancing and praising in warfare and complete surrender. It also shows great anticipation for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.

      1. Thanks you so much for helping me unravel this complex dream.You are correct once again. Day and night I yearn for a great revival in this world.Though I have the gift of prophecy, I don’t know how to build it up.But I believe I will learn a lot from your new blog. Keep up the good Work and God bless you !

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