Keeping Dreams in Perspective How to Handle Dreams with Wisdom

Dreams are mysterious and unique. In all the years that I have studied dreams I have never been disappointed. God has shown me multitudes of things through these night enigmas. Have all of my dreams been revelation and insight? No, there have been times that I have, as Jeremiah says, caused my own self to dream dreams (Jer. 29:8); however, wisdom is knowing the difference between a God-given dream, and one that is just a mind cleansing and needs to be tossed out. For this blog, I am going to share some essential tools for testing your dream, and then explore the reasons why Learning to react to dreams with insight and discernment is an important part of responding to your dreams.

Testing Your Dream

1. Always test the main message of your dream to see if it contradicts the Word of God. Remember, God will never go against His Word.
2. Does the dream message glorify Jesus Christ, build up your faith, and cause you to desire a closer walk with the Love of your soul? It should. After all, that is the reason He is speaking to you. He desires us to be closer to Him in all of our ways.
3. Does the dream release freedom in the Grace of God, or does it cause you to feel bondage?
4. As you understand the overall plan that God has for your life, ask yourself, does the dream line up with this plan?

Here are some steps to consider when responding to your dream:

1. Always write your dream down trying to focus on the main facts. I like to write a date at the top of my dreams because it gives me a reference to return to as time passes.
2. If an interpretation is not obvious to you, meaning that you have no idea what all the crazy symbols represent within your dream, then it is important to seek wise and confidential council to help you gain wisdom and to partner with you to pray over the interpretation. Remember that an accurate interpretation should bring you closer to God. The dream/interpretation details a journey, which is just as important as the destination.
3. Do NOT act on a dream without seeking God first, then seek godly council for confirmation, and do not move forward until the interpretation is confirmed in your heart and gives peace to your heart and mind.
4. Once you understand what your dream is referring to, move slowly toward the steps of fulfillment. Do NOT jump in and try to make something happen. It is best to wait on the LORD, pray faithfully, and seek His Word for continued movements and confirmation.
5. It is important to keep dreams in perspective. Remember dreams show what your prophetic potential is; however, it is not an absolute declaration of what will be.
6. Dreams do NOT always look or appear logical. In fact, most dreams will appear out of the ordinary, even a little crazy at times.
7. Most important: we must wage war with a dream, much like we would with a prophetic word. Why? Because at times life and situations will run contrary with what we heard God say. Think of Joseph. He was shown a dream of greatness and majesty where people would be bowing down to him, and yet he was sold by his brothers into slavery! He didn’t give up hope; instead, he must have held onto to that dream in every walk of his life until the fulfillment knowing that the Lord who promised would not be slack in fulfilling His promise. Do not give up on the Word that you feel the LORD has spoken into your life. Wage war through much prayer and intercession.

A few other dream principles to be aware of as you seek interpretation:

1. What are the main symbols in the dream?
2. What do these symbols represent to you?
3. Think of issues that you were processing, praying for, in the days or weeks before the dream occurred. Remember, a dream usually speaks of the concerns which your heart has been facing.
4. It is essential to remember that you really don’t know anything about the interpretation of the dream without the Holy Spirit. HE is able to help draw out the meaning from the depths of the dreamer’s heart. Proverbs 20:5, “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.” Allow the Holy Spirit to delve into the recesses of your heart.
5. Never accept or settle for an interpretation that doesn’t bear witness with your soul. You should feel an almost “Aha!” moment that allows you to know that you are on the right track.
6. Never make major decisions based on a dream alone. You should seek council and confirmation through the other ways that God speaks (example: His still, small voice, peace in our heart, prophetic utterances, scripture illuminated, etc.).

Hopefully, this list of items will give you a clearer purpose when searching out and discerning dreams and visions. When interpreting or seeking interpretation keep dreams in perspective, seek the Word of God, and allow the Holy Spirit to delve deep into the issues of your heart. His Word is essential and powerful and leads, guides, and directs us if we allow it to grow and flourish in our soul. Be blessed and keep dreaming! 🙂

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