Dreaming of Vehicles??

Dreaming of various types of vehicles is very common. Often, these type of dreams show you the calling you have on your life – a vehicle of purpose that will carry you from one point to another and establish what is going on in and around you. It is essential when any type of transportation is in your dream to note what color it is. Also pay attention to who is in the driver/leader position. What make or model is it? Where are you going while in this vehicle? Details are extremely important in discerning what the overall meaning of the dream may be. A friend of mine had a dream a while back about a red mustang. The car was older; however, in the dream she could see that it had been totally refurbished. The color red often signifies the blood of Jesus and can also represent warfare. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a mustang? Well first of all, they are really fast (hence the name). Like a Mustang horse they are durable, fast, strong, and powerful. In this case, the car was old representing an old area of life or an old ministry – possibly something from the past. However, it was totally refurbished and beautiful. Something old is about to be completely remade in order to shine like new. The rusty edges and peeling paint are stripped away so that the newness can shine forth. The exterior is being polished up, but the thing about a refurbished car is that the premise, the true depth of the body is still underneath. The ministry or calling is still there, and although sometimes we let things sit and get “rusty” without making a move to progress, it is still able to be remade, and redone, right? Aren’t you thankful that we serve such a good God? He can take the old and make it into something new and better than we could even ask or think if we will let Him. The process isn’t always easy, but it is worth it in the end.

Different types of transportation in dreams:

Old Car: Old issues that you are still dealing with. If it is a cheap or rundown car it shows your lack of resources and inability to move above in your mindset.

Your car won’t start: This shows a loss of power somewhere in your life. Things are not working like you want them to, and you are facing many delays and frustrations.

A car sinking in water: Feeling overwhelmed in your life. You are surrounded by issues or problems that seem to big for you to control, and you feel as if you have lost the ability to stay afloat.

Riding in the backseat: You are letting someone else drive your life and purpose. Pay attention to who is driving? Is it someone that you know? What does this person represent to you? For example: mother, father, husband, friend. They all carry a particular position in your life. Ask yourself what it is, and then you will see what is hindering you from taking charge of your own destiny. Is their name significant? Is the driver a faceless person? This could mean that it is someone that will enter your life at a later point, which will affect your journey and destiny.

Your brakes won’t work: This could be symbolic for something (a situation or circumstance) feeling out of control. You want to apply the brakes and slow down but things keep speeding ahead. On a positive note the Lord could be saying stop applying the brake because I want you to go full speed ahead.

You have a flat tire: The tires are what gets you from place to the next. They are the ability to move on a road or journey. Yes, the car runs by the motor, but without wheels it isn’t going to be able to go anywhere. When you dream that your tire(s) is flat then you are dealing with problems surrounding your ministry and life where the Holy Spirit (He is our wheels in the spiritual which moves us from one area to the next) is leaking out of your life. You are hindered by areas in which you are unable to move forward. Also represents discouragement and dismay – hindrances.
You have a wreck: represent strife and contention and conflict. They are “wrecking” your life and ministry, and you need to find out what to do to get back on the right track.
Battery: Represents power, authority, strength, prayer, motivation. If the battery is dead then the Lord could be showing you that you need revitalized – a jump start – to get things going again. If it is removed then the Lord is saying that you need to be renewed. It’s time to buy a new battery and get your life and ministry back on track. If you don’t replace the battery then you will never accomplish what God is calling you to do because without the battery a car will not run.

Tractor: A slow but powerful ministry. If you are plowing in the dream then this could be a representation of preaching.

Train: A fast, continuous, unceasing work. Could also represent the church being connected (just like the cars are connected on the train being pulled by the main engine).

Tractor Trailer: Large burden (ministry, life, etc); also means a powerful, large work. Pay attention to the size of the truck. This could be showing you how big the burden you are carrying is.

Roller Coaster: Unstable or emotional instability, depression (such as dealing with many ups and downs in life).

Motorcycle: Individual or personal ministry; can also mean independence and sometimes on the negative side it can be rebellion or selfish pride.

Moving Van: Could mean a literal, geographical move or a spiritual move.

Large Ship: Can be a representation of the church
Small Boat: Personal ministry
Sailboat: Being moved by the winds of the Spirit. Pay attention to what is happening with the sails. Are they being propelled forward with the wind? Are they sitting stagnant in the water? What is the water like around you?
Power Boat/Speed Boat: Represents a powerful and fast progressing ministry or area of your life.

Battleship: Of course, this would represent warfare. How does the ship appear in the dream? Is it fully armed and ready to battle? Is it ill equipped and/or need repair? This will tell you a lot about where you are spiritually and physically.

10 thoughts on “Dreaming of Vehicles??

    1. Thank you for reading! Normally cars represent our life and/or ministry. To be given an old car (assuming the shape and paint were in good condition?) Could represent an inheritance of something unique and valuable. A generational inheritance, possibly. If it was hot pink that often speaks of supernatural giftings (positive side) and fleshly or worldly, or immaturity (negative side). A softer pink shows the gifts of caring, love, expressions of warmth, femininity. Dusty pink shows innocence and old fashioned values.
      To be shown that you are given this car in the dream (again, depending on the condition of the car as this is an important aspect. Was the paint immaculate? Was the condition pristine?) shows that you are being handed some powerful and supernatural gifts that have come down for many generations. As you walk in this area of life you will see that many things that you have gleaned from your past are now being manifest in your life and/or ministry today. The unique values and quality is much more significant (just like an antique – the value and quality is superb and completely outshines cars of today) and you are being given the gift, the opportunity to walk in this great inheritance. You are valuable and special to the LORD. He sees you as unique and compassionate and a shining gem that stands out in the midst of the normal and every day world. Thank you, again for reading my blog. Blessings!

  1. I love your blog and that you keep things lined up with the bible. I’ve always been in a black nova, a nice one but when I stepped on the gas it wouldn’t go. I’ve had similar dreams of running but not going anywhere and dreams trying to find things and not finding them. But I think you cracked the case of the big red truck reoccurring dream i had as a child. I had a traumatic childhood. I always dreamt I was laying in the middle of the road and a giant red box truck would run me over…but I was never scared because I’d be between the wheels and I would look up and see all the under components of the truck…was it God showing himself to me?

    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing! I think God is definitely showing you that no matter what you have endured you are a survivor. A road is a place of moving forward, backward, or just finding yourself stuck at a stand still position. It seems very significant that you are laying in the road. It was almost as if the Lord was showing you that you had come to a place where you just wanted to give up, to die spiritually or naturally, because you were tired of being “run over” by the people in your world. It is interesting that it’s a box truck. Maybe the wordplay on the symbol of a ‘box’ or feeling as if being kept inside a box had made you feel numb and unafraid of what was coming, perhaps? Another aspect of this type of vehicle is that its very large and able to carry a heavy weight inside of it. A teuck running over you could signify the enemies plans to kill you (mentally, emotionally, or physically) as well as represent your own feelings of being weighted down, burdened by a heavy load. Red is significant for not only warfare from the enemy, but in a two-fold meaning this also could be seen as a protection and the blood of Jesus because you said as the truck went over you were safe between the wheels. The Lord was protecting you then and now because of the great call on your life. You could see from your vantage point every working particle, mechanical aspect – in other words He, the Lord, wanted you to see the hand of the enemy against you, but He also wanted to make you aware so that you could take complete authority over the enemy. Now you see the enemies schemes and plans to destroy you, and how God has kept His hand upon you. Even when you have felt like the weight of the world is on you, the Lord has shielded you. The Lord wants you fully aware so that the enemy will not be able to use the experiences you went through to harm you any longer. You are a warrior, and you are free, and the Lord is showing you that He is always for you, covering you, and sheltering you. Wow! What an amazing dream of His love. No matter where we are He is there. Amen. Be blessed!😊

  2. I have a few dreams from the Lord and I can’t say I get them every week. This one was interesting. I saw a BIG red fire truck. But what was interesting was what was powering it! Seven white horses. One was the biggest horse I have ever seen but the other six were attached to it in pairs and parallel to the big white one and were situated right in the center of the truck. In this dream were other members of my family. My mother and sister who went to a social party, but I knew that I could not go to the place they were going. I had to save my brother. I had to eat something. It looked like coals wrapped in paper. That is the best way I can describe it!

    1. Wow! What an amazing dream! A fire truck usually represents rescue, help, deliverance. Horses usually represent strength, power, but also can indicate a certain amount of time. The number 7 is spiritual perfection, complete, and rest. It seems (and this depending on the full dream context of the dream – like who was driving, etc), but it seems that you were being shown a rescue mentality. You say later that you must save your brother. This goes along with rescue, help, deliverance. Your mother and sister went to a social party, but you feel like you are in a much different place. Social party could represent a more worldy mindset, a carefree attitude, being concerned more with fun and ease of life versus the more messy or difficult aspects, or just that you are in much different places (you and mom and sister). You knew you could not go there bc your mission is not complete. Your rescue mission to heal and deliver. The rescue (fire truck) is horse powered, strong, and it is being driven by complete divine spiritual perfection (also pray if 7 is a time frame dealing with your brother). This is a prophetic heavenly mission (white horses, largest white horse could represent Jesus leading the mission). In other words, even when you don’t feel that you have the strength or power (as if the truck is missing an engine) then the LORD is powering this mission and staying in the lead. The coals reminded me of the scripture in Isaiah where the angels take the coal out from under the altar to touch his lips and cleanse him. This eating of the coals in your dream is almost like a divine preparation to send you out, have you fully prepared to do the bidding of the LORD. The full revelation seems to elude me somewhat and maybe that is because the LORD is wanting to show you all He wants to do. It is a great uttering and prophetic call to go forward and be His mouthpiece. Heal the sick, set those who are captive free. Amen. I pray this gives you some insight. Blessings!

      1. Thank you for this! I have always felt the Horse were Christ/Holy Spirit (The 7 Spirits). I have found water on my floor when I pray so this is very much in line with what you say. And they fire truck is full of water…Thank you for your insight! May the Lord Bless you!

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