Good Grief I’m Back at School!! It’s Only a Dream, Whew!

School dreams are fairly common. I think most people, at one time or another, has dreamed of being back at school, going to school without shoes, and/or being in class not fully clothed 🙂 . These dreams usually involve a lot of stress because you are trying to figure things out from an older or different perspective, and you might notice that during these dreams you feel inadequate, lost, or even confused about what is going on. In the natural we all know that school is a place of education, learning, improvement, and skill training, right? Well, dreams aren’t much different. Often, we dream of going to school or being back in school, and when we wake up we think, “Why did I just dream that?”

When we determine that “school” dreams are from the LORD, then it is important to pay attention to what is really going on during the dream. Are you in a particular class? Are you roaming the hallways? Is it elementary, high school, or college? Are you confident or unprepared?  If you are in a place of learning then it is simple to understand that the LORD is probably wanting to teach you something (either something you should have already learned or something new and innovating. He could also be showing you areas you need to work on and mature in). Ask yourself: what is it that the Lord is wanting to teach me, show me, or re-train me? Also, what am I going through in the natural that might have contributed to this type of dream? For example: if you are an adult, and you dream that you are back in high school taking a test, but you suddenly realize that you don’t know the answers, and you didn’t study. This is a typical dream. The LORD is possibly showing you that there are things in the spiritual that you should have already learned. A test is representative of promotion. In order for you to be promoted in the spirit realm, and let’s say you are praying for promotion in the natural, then you must allow HIM to guide you and teach you. Ask the LORD: “What is it that I have neglected to learn?” Maybe you already know the answer to this. Most of the time we do.

Here is a little scenario. A man is called to preach the Word, and yet, he is rebelling because he doesn’t feel like he is adequate enough to accomplish this. He has been praying and wrestling with this for quite a while. He begins dreaming that he is in school, and not only is the test hard, but he doesn’t know the answers, and the time is almost up. This is an essential dream. The Lord has called him to a purpose. He knows this in the natural. His smflesh feels overwhelmed. The Lord wants to draw him higher and set him on the oath to his destiny, and yet he is resisting. In order for promotion to happen he must accept the call and move forward into his destiny; however, the LORD is also warning him in the dream that the time for delaying is almost over. If he continues to run and refuse the LORD then there will be consequences.

The most important thing is pay attention in your dream to what is happening. What are you doing? Where are you in the dream? Qhat have you been praying about in the natural? Sometimes, these dreams show us that the LORD is trying to teach us something, and at other times these dreams can reflect what we are dealing with in the natural (issues, attitudes, situations, etc. That the LORD wants to correct so we can move forward). Either way, the LORD desires to show us where we are lacking and what we can do to move past these “lessons” in order to grow, thrive, and become all that HE has designed us to be. That should be all of our heart’s desire – to be all He has designed us to be. In school we move through grades to better ourselves and promote to the next level. It can only happen when we apply ourselves to learn and grow in the process.

Here are a few examples of school dream symbols that will give you a better idea of what to look for, and of course, these are all subject to change according to what is going on in your particular dream and your life in general. In other words, these are not set in stone but are merely a baseline to go by when seeking the LORD for the interpretation of your particular school dream.

Searching for your next class: Oh, I have had this dream before! You are looking around the school and starting to panic because the bell has sounded for class to begin. To look for classes indicates that you are in need of more guidance. You are unsure and hesitant about which way to go. Are you constantly roaming the hallways looking for the class? Hallways are places of transition, waiting, and possibility.  If you have your class schedule in the dream but can’t find the class then this could indicate that you have your goals and plans in order, but you are still lacking confidence and need help progressing in the right direction.

Repeating a class that you have taken before: This usually indicates that you have learned (possibly from past failures, issues, attitudes, etc.) how to conquer a situation, yet you are still unable to grasp the fullness of the lesson so it must . In other words, you are having to repeat the process in order to learn the correct way. If you don’t learn then you will keep repeating the same mistakes and never be able to move forward. The children of Israel were stubborn and complaining, and they circled the same mountain in the wilderness for forty years.

Elementary school: If you are an adult or teen and you are dreaming of being back in elementary school at the age you are now then you are dealing with some elementary issues that should have been easy to learn, and yet, you are still struggling with them. These are like the babe on the milk kind of dreams. In order to grow and excel you must first learn how to conquer the elementary, simple, issues.

Going to school without your shoes: Shoes usually represent our peace of mind. If you are back in school and your shoes are missing then you are dealing with some “lessons” in the natural, which are stealing your peace.

Going to school without some/all your clothes on: Nakedness in dreams shows transparency and exposure. If you are in school, then you are in a place of being taught something, learning, and growing, and yet you feel vulnerable and exposed. Ask the LORD, “Why do I feel exposed? Is there something that I am ashamed of? Are there things that I don’t want revealed? The lesson of the dream could involve putting off all former things and letting the Lord remake and remold you into something new.

College: A place of higher learning. The Lord wants to take you into a new arena where learning is much harder and more “expensive” (or will require more of you to achieve).

School Bus: Remember vehicles usually represent life and/or ministry. A school bus could be a representation of youth ministry or the Lord showing you that you will be working with kids, teens, young adults. Are you driving the bus, or are you a passenger? Maybe you aren’t on the bus at all but it is a major part of your dream. Then this still applies to you and your calling or purpose.

School Locker: Remember these are usually in the hallway (transition, change, waiting). If you dream you have forgotten your combination then you have the ability to access the knowledge and areas you need to, but you are uncertain, self-conscious, and feel inadequate to finish the task. If you dream that you don’t know the combination then you are dealing with an issue accessing the materials needed in order to succeed or move forward. The LORD could be showing you that everything you need is right at the tip of your fingertips, and all you have to do is trust HIM and allow Him to guide you and give you the ability and knowledge to accomplish what you need to.

In the end, school dreams are fairly common and carry a variety of connotations depending on where you are at in life, what you are dealing with spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and what situations between church, work, and family that have occurred or that you have been praying about. The most important thing is to seek the face of the LORD, and let HIM reveal to you what is going on. HE will never steer you wrong. Let Him open the ears of your understanding and revelation. Stay grounded and rooted in the word of God. His Word is true and will give you all the direction you need. Be blessed and keep dreaming!


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