More To A House Than Meets the Eye – Breaking Down the Different Rooms in a Dreams

Have you ever wondered why when you dream you are always, or most all of the time, inside some type of structure? A house, a room, a church, a store, a trailer, school, airport, etc…… Why is this such a common occurrence? In reality we spend a lot of our time within some type of structure, and in truth each of these areas represent something different within our waking life. Home is a representation of our life. A store is a place of convenience, and a place where choices are made. A school is a place to learn and be taught.  I discussed dreaming of your childhood home in one of my earlier blogs, and how this shows areas of your life that the LORD is trying to reach that have been left untouched for a long time, but I thought for this blog I would go into houses and various rooms a little deeper. Did you know that each room in a house (within a dream) represents something different? Depending on where you are in the dream will determine the overall setting or message that God is trying to get to you.

For example:

A Bedroom: This is a place of rest and intimacy, a season of peace and tranquility

A Living room: This is a place that is open and exposed. The things in your life cannot b hidden in an open living room. When you are dreaming of being in this room, pay attention to what else is going on. The LORD is showing you that areas of your life are being open and exposed for others to see (whether for the negative or positive). When you invite someone into your house they may or may not see any other room, but will more than likely go into your living room.

Looking out the front window: A revelation of the prophetic of what is to come.

Front porch: This often represents the present and also what is coming for the future. It is also a place that is often seen by everyone. So, it is also a part of being open and revealed. A friend of mine dreamed she was looking off of her front porch and saw things that were about to happen. In reality she knew that the LORD was showing her that obstacles were coming her way, but she could take authority and intercede so that these things would become null and void.

Back Door: If you dream that you are coming in and going out of the back door then you are still dealing with many past issues. It shows a reluctance to face the future and a stubbornness to remain in the past.

Kitchen: This usually represents heart issues. The Kitchen is almost like the heart of the home. When you are dreaming you are in the kitchen the LORD is possibly working on some deep heart issues. Pay attention to what you are doing, who is around, and what is being said within the dream.

Attic: This often represents mind, thoughts, attitudes, and/or generational issues. It also speaks of things that are being stored away, being unused, collecting “dust”, and hidden from view so that these issues can be forgotten in a sense.

Under the House: Foundational issues whether good (stable) or bad (unstable).

Upstairs: Spiritual ascension, higher thoughts, and it can still be both positive or negative depending on what’s going on in the dream.

Closet: A private place. Hidden, something that is being hidden, and/ or secret sin.

Television: If you are watching it in the dream pay attention to what is on. A tele ‘vision’ is a representation of a message, a prophesy, and/or evil influence and wickedness

Telephone: What’s happening with the phone? Are you speaking to someone? What are you saying? A phone represents communication, prayer, a message from God, and/or can also represent, on the negative side, the enemies voice. Have you ever dreamed that you were trying to call for help, but the numbers wouldn’t go through, or you forgot the number? This shows that you are crying out for direction, for a message or word, but there are direct hindrances that are stopping you from submitting or getting through.

The list is obviously endless, but with a little understanding one can easily discern what the Lord is trying to convey through the dream (if it is indeed from the LORD). As I said before, always test every dream to see if the message (not the dream) lines up with the Word of God. God will never contradict His Word. I didn’t say the dream lines up, but the message must. For example: a pastor, friend once told me that they were praying about going under another church for a spiritual covering. In the night they dreamed that they saw a television program with the pastor on it, and he was having an “affair.” My friend immediately knew that the LORD was sending this dream as a warning. Not that the man was really having an affair, but the LORD was speaking about the pastors faithfulness  to HIM and to HIS church. This was not the kind of situation that my friend felt comfortable being tied to; therefore, my pastor friend decided to not go under that particular church. Six months later the pastor from the dream had left his church in a terrible situation. Do you see how the LORD will show us faithfully when we ask and pray? The dream was not biblical, but the message was loud and clear. God calls His pastors to be shepherds, faithful servants, diligent in all their ways, and leaders to HIS body. He does not abide unfaithfulness parading around like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So, pay attention to the dream, especially if it churns your spirit and makes you feel uneasy or without peace. If you pray and seek the LORD He will show you. He said if we ask, He answers. If we knock. He opens. His promises are true and powerful and trustworthy. Keep seeking His face in all your ways whether in waking life or even in dreams. Let HIM lead, guide, and direct you in all your ways. May your spiritual eyes be opened to revelation and understanding, and in everything you do give HIM all the praise. Be blessed!

7 thoughts on “More To A House Than Meets the Eye – Breaking Down the Different Rooms in a Dreams

  1. Very interesting possibilities for the symbolism of rooms in our dreams. I’ll have to pay more attention to my surroundings when I dream! Glad to read your statement about testing our dreams: “Always test every dream to see if the message (not the dream) lines up with the Word of God. God will never contradict His Word.” And couldn’t agree more with: “Keep seeking His face in all your ways whether in waking life or even in dreams.” With you I pray: “May our spiritual eyes be opened to revelation and understanding, and in everything we do give HIM all the praise.” AMEN! P.S. Thank you very much for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful, each time you’re able to visit!)

  2. I dream a lot and sense many dreams are from the Lord. I am very excited to read your past blogs! Lately I have been having dreams with my dead relatives in them— like three in the last month. I’ll read to see if you anything on that.

    1. Hi, Martha! Thank you for reading the blogs! I haven’t went much into the subject of deceased relatives just yet, but in a quick overview, these type of dreams can fall under either: generational issues that the Lord is trying to show you (good or bad areas that have spiritually tried to attach), or comfort dreams- as in when we miss our family members we were close to and tend to dream of them, and it can bring a sense of comfort and peace. I used to dream of my grandmother all the time, and the Lord showed me that her gift of faith was part of my spiritual inheritance. I finally understood why I was having the same dream over and over. I received this gift through prayer and confirmation. Hope this helps!😊

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