Why Am I Dreaming of Teeth!!??

Somewhere around 2007 I had a very peculiar dream. I was looking in the mirror, and I was terrified because as I examined my teeth I noticed that some of them felt loose. I began to wiggle them, and as I did this I was praying that they would re-secure in my gums. Then, without a warning my eye-teeth (this is my layman’s term for them since I’m not a dentist 😉 ) fell out into my hands. Both of them! I woke up, and the first thing I did was immediately check my teeth. I thought, well that was a crazy, disturbing dream, and I just kind of shifted it to the back of my mind. A few weeks later, after going through some situations where I felt like I needed divine direction, I was praying while putting on my makeup. It had been a hard few weeks, and I wasn’t even sure what to pray, but as I am looking in the mirror my dream suddenly came back to me. I reached up, and of course, wiggled my tooth. It felt just as secure as ever, but then, why did I have that dream? Immediately, I heard the Lord say, “Before I can do a mighty work, then the “I” has to come out of you.” I stood for a moment, amazed first of all, because I am always in awe and reverence when the King of Glory chooses to speak into my life. Then, I paused because I felt the chastisement. I had truly been lacking in my spiritual vision. The Lord was telling me that HE wanted to do something, but in order to complete the work then I had to move out of the way. Hence, the “eye” teeth needed to be removed. Talk about a revelation moment! The LORD’s love for me was so great that He would not only use a dream to forewarn me that even though things had been tough, but He was also letting me know that His love far outreached and over-exceeded anything that I had come up against. I am more than a conqueror according to my God, right? Yet, He was also letting me know that even in all the mess and chaos that I didn’t create or bring about, yet, I was still a part of the problem.

So, why are teeth in dreams so important? Well, most all dream interpretation teachings and Biblical dream dictionaries teach that teeth represent, on a general basis, wisdom. Teeth can also be symbolic of power. How, you might ask? Without teeth it is impossible to chew on the meat instead of always being the baby Christian on the milk. We must have teeth to chew and dissect the Word (Scriptures) in order to digest it and make it applicable to our life. In other words, teeth reveal a need for wisdom and direction, and also strength, power, and stamina. In my dream, the Lord was using the symbol as well as combining it with witty word play in order to catch my attention. Don’t you just love it when He does this?? I know I do. It creates a sense of understanding and draws a parallel connection between two different things. My wisdom and need for direction were completely hindered by the “I” in the overall equation (eye-teeth). God is so cool!! Jesus used this same method when teaching the people and the disciples. I talked about the “Parable of the Sower” in an earlier blog. Check it out if you want to see the comparison.

Teeth dreams are actually more common that you might think. Over the years of studying dreams and even interpreting dreams the most common one I hear is about teeth. They all vary in degree and structure, but the main theme revolves around losing teeth, broken teeth, rotten, ugly, giant, etc.

So, here are a few other symbols associated with the condition of teeth:
*Broken teeth: often symbolizes defeat; a bad experience, a problem, gaining
Wisdom through obedience and sometimes pain. (Psalm 58:6) David asks God to break the teeth of his enemies. It presents a loss of power and reduces the ability to thrive and survive.
*Teeth falling out: There is a loss of communication and an inability to discern what is going on around you. Your “wisdom” has become loose and
Unstable. A loss of power, confidence, and/or self-esteem.
*Wisdom teeth falling out: Losing wisdom
*Rotten teeth: Wisdom is corrupted often through worldly experience or exposure
*Brushing Teeth: A cleansing is needing (or already is) to take place. A cleansing of ones thought or words.
*Baby Teeth: Immaturity, lacking wisdom, experience or knowledge. It’s time to lay aside the baby or immature things and develop more spiritually.
Dreaming you (or someone else has) animal’s teeth: could represent danger, aggressiveness and a need to devour, backbite, and wound…
False teeth: False or replacement; a fear of self-image, or afraid that people will
Uncover details about you that you wish to keep revealed.
Toothache: Trial, trouble, something that is causing you immense pain
Dreaming of Fangs: (on you or someone else) often represents a type of parasitic behavior, feeding off others sorrows or pain.
Front teeth come out: This is revealing the possibility that you are too preoccupied or busy, biting off more than you can chew, feeling inadequate and in fear of others opinion.
Teeth being pulled: This could symbolize that radical change is about to take place in your life (can be good or bad)
Losing teeth in front of a crowd: Could indicate that you are self-conscious, afraid
Others will look at you as foolish if you open your mouth, afraid of being embarrassed in front of a crowd, and/or worried about how others will receive you.

Wooden teeth: Your wisdom is being corrupted by worldly views; your flesh is getting in the way of the spiritual. (wood normally symbolizes the flesh). Remember the Word tells us that the flesh and the spirit war with one another. So wooden teeth could be a sign of a spiritual battle that you are about to go through or are already in.

Of course, there are natural causes for having these type dreams as well. As I discussed in an earlier blog not all dreams are from the Lord. That is why we have to learn to pray, discern, and seek out the LORD for direction on anything before determining if it is a dream from the Lord or not. We can all get in error if we choose to be led by a dream, and the Bible warns us of this as well. In the natural realm, for example, as we grow older age begins to affect how we look at ourselves, and this especially true with women. Sometimes dreaming about teeth, especially if you are already self conscious about your looks in the natural, can be an indication that you are feeling insecure, low confidence, unattractive, and worried about how others are viewing you. In this case, the dream is only reflecting what you are feeling inwardly and manifesting in your night dreams and visions as a reminder of what you are dealing with in the natural. On the other hand, when you know a dream is from God then having a base-line (interpreting symbolic) is good because it can give you an idea of where to begin when searching for a meaning. I have had plenty of dreams that I knew were from God, and yet, I became overwhelmed at the symbols. Just remember; however, that a base-line of a symbol is not the prescribed and final interpretation for every person. Each and every person is unique and different. Cultures look at symbols differently, and even as individuals we believe or have ideals that can vary from others around us. In my case, teeth are extremely important. Since I was little I have been very conscious and caring toward my teeth. Mainly because when I smile they are the first thing you see. So to me, to lose my eye teeth was traumatic, and the Lord used this to speak into my life and turn me from my selfish thinking so that I could solve some situations in and around me. For everyone else, this might mean something totally different. To understand dreams, we must first analyze our own thoughts, situations, and ideas. What have you been praying about in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the dream? What are some particular things that are going on around you in the natural? Have you been worried or anxious about any decisions that you have or need to make?

No matter how one looks at the “teeth” dreams, just remember that the main reason you may be having this type of dream is because the LORD wants to convey something important to you (if it’s a spiritual dream). He wants to open your revelations and show you what is going on so that you can pray and make the moves necessary to correct and/or complete what it is that you are dealing with. In my case, I was corrected, and I made the move to set things back in the right order. The Lord was showing me for a purpose to heal, direct, guide, and set me into a better walk with Him. I pray that you will seek Him today about any unusual dreams that have been plaguing you. Don’t just toss them out as “junk mail” until you know if they are from HIM. It could be the very message, correction, or instruction you are praying about and believing for. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the meaning, or to send someone that can help you decipher and break down the symbols. It is only when we ask that we receive. The word clearly states to ask and receive. Knock and then – then it will be opened. It doesn’t say the door is already open so just come on in. No, it says to knock. He is telling us to knock for that insight and revelation you need. Ask and He will give to you liberally. He is a good God. Be blessed and keep dreaming.

Michele C.

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