Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Why am I dreaming of snakes? Long ones, short ones, venomous, and just the downright unusual? Snakes are one of those common symbols that seems to invade multitudes of people’s dreams. Common symbols are those that many people experience which often represent the same thought, idea, or emotion. In other words, most people have dreamed at one time or dream of snakes, and across the board, they carry a basic, typical meaning.


So, if this is such a common symbol then what could it possibly mean? Snakes most often represent gossip or tales being told about you, lies, an attack of the enemy, and/or being harassed by accusations and distortions. Snakes can also show betrayal or malicious deception from an enemy. Many times dreaming of snakes can also be related to tests or trials that are going on in an individual’s life. Snakes can also indicate contamination, a person’s fear of failure, or a dangerous or tricky problem you need to avoid. Pay attention within the dream about what kind of snake you are dealing with. Is it poisonous? Is it a harmless snake such as a garden snake, a chicken snake? What are the main characteristics that you notice about it? What color is the snake? What is the snake doing, or trying to do within the dream? For example, a rattlesnake is like a warning of danger. Most of the time they will shake their rattlers first to let you know that they are angry and nearby. To dream of being bitten by a rattlesnake shows that allow there were warning signs that the situation(s) was getting too intense, dangerous, or hazardous, you allowed yourself to get to close and now you have been infected (affected) by these issues. Let’s take this interpretation up a notch and say that you dreamed the rattlesnake was your pet, your friend, and you walked around with this snake fearlessly. This could indicate that you are part of the problem. You are the one with dangerous words and actions, which could not only intentionally hurt others but is also creating within you a rebellious spirit that needs to be removed. Another example is the Adder. This is often symbolic of spiritual and physical enemies that are coming against you. A flying snake often represents a false religious spirit or a deadly problem that is difficult to eliminate.


Other examples:

Yellow snake = Can often represent fear. It shows that you are operating in a spirit of  fear rather than standing on your faith.

Python = Often represents a spirit of divination (Acts 16:16, when Paul encounters the girl possessed with divination. The word divination here is from the Greek word or puthon, which translates to python in English).

*The Python Spirit (in the spiritual realm outside of dreams) is huge and can seek to strangle out all of the life within you. To dream of a python could show that you are dealing with a spiritual war against the Python spirit. The Python Spirit is a stronghold, a coiling spirit that strives to crush you, steal your breath of life, and cut off your connection to God. This spirit thrives on wounds of your past and will constantly seek to remind you of past issues, wounds, scenarios that make you reflect on negative rather than your future.


A Snake at your door = This often shows that the enemy is hanging around at your door (can be spiritual or a physical enemy) waiting to see if there is an entrance into your home (life)


White Snakes= often represent false doctrine or false religion


Extremely long snakes = can show that the issues (gossip, slander, backbiting, etc) is going to continue for a long time, or has been going on a long time.


What About Snails?

Snails are disgusting little things, right? Well, unless you think about Gary the Snail from SpongeBob, and then he is kinda cute 🙂 . Snails, on a general level, usually represent something extremely slow. In a dream this could show you that you are moving to slow, or that the progress you are waiting on is going to take an extended length of time. If you are praying about something, snails remind us that it isn’t time to make hasty decisions. A slow pace often equals greater clarity. What about if you dream of crushing a snail(s)? This often shows that you are tired of being patient. You are ready for things to move at a steadier pace; however, this can be a positive or a negative. If you are waiting for God to do something you cannot rush it. If you try to rush things it often brings disaster. On the positive side, if you are being slow in the natural, and God is telling you to speed up, then this type of dream shows you are ready to quit delaying and go on about the Father’s business. You see, it all depends on what is going on in your personal life. That is why it is important to write your prayers down, and then when a dream occurs you can go back and compare to see what it is you have been asking for, praying about, pondering on, etc. Are you a restless person that can’t seem to slow down and take life in, or are you a big procrastinator? It’s all in the perspective.


What About Puppy Dog’s?

Dogs are not a necessarily common symbol. In fact, dogs mean different things to different people mainly because not everyone likes or trusts dogs. If I dream of a sweet dog, or a dog standing around in the yard, it would mean something totally different to me because I love animals. Dogs can show friendship, loyalty, or something precious (especially if it’s a beloved pet); however, if you are terrified of dogs then a lurking dog in the yard would mean fear, anguish, disloyalty of a friend, an untrustworthy person.

Dog’s, in general, represent either loyalty, friendship, best friend, or they represent strife, contention, or offense.

*Dog wagging its tail = friendly, acceptance

*Dog with tucked tail = Guilt, shame, cowardice

*Biting dog = betrayal, danger of something that could potentially harm you    emotionally or physically.

*Rabid dog = Single-minded pursuit of evil, contagious, and persecution

*Barking dog = Warning, or even can mean a nuisance that you are dealing with.

*Bulldog = Often represents something that is unyielding, dangerous, tenacious.


Again, this is all about perspective. What do these animals represent to you? What all is going on in your life at the time when you had the dream? Understanding your situation, your intense prayers, and things that the Lord is speaking into your life will help you discover the true meaning behind the symbolism in your dreams. No one else knows what your heart has been speaking but you. So, I encourage you to write the dreams down. Write your prayers down. Then begin to ask the LORD to help you discern what it is He is speaking to you in your night dreams and visions. These symbols are only a basis to begin with. They are not the ultimate and final meaning. Seek the LORD. Find out what these parables and enigmas mean to you. Be Blessed and keep dreaming!


Michele C.


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