What’s In A Name??

The importance of understanding symbolism

What’s In A Name??

Several years ago as I was continuing my study of symbolism and the importance of dreams and visions I felt prompted by the Lord to begin a search on the Old Testament Books of the Bible. All throughout scripture one finds that God speaks in various ways (Num. 12): dreams, visions, plainly, dark sayings (parables), and face to face. We all want to be in the “plainly” category, right? I mean, I have both hands in the air right now; however, it doesn’t always go like that. We certainly cannot dictate how the Lord speaks to us, but it is important to know the avenues are there. As I began to study the Old Testament, I learned some very important things about symbolism. God loves it! Yes, I am serious. Look back through the Word, and you will find that God uses symbolism over and over to get a message across to His people. For example: the symbolic meaning of names are extremely important. Abraham, for example, was once Abram, but the Lord spoke to him that his name would be changed to Abraham saying, “No longer shall your name be called Abram but your name shall be Abraham for I have made you a father of many nations” (Gen. 17:5). Abram means exalted Father but Abraham literally means “father of many nations.” God was establishing right then the significance and symbolic utterance of Abraham’s destiny. He was also establishing that no matter where Abraham went, or what he did, everyone that called his name was speaking his destiny into life.

Symbolism is so important, and if God would use it then, why wouldn’t He choose to use it now? I believe in the Word, and the Word tells me that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The same. That means that He does not change. He will use the same methods to reach His people because His love does not change. His love and desire for us to worship and adore Him has not shifted. He is still the Almighty, the Great I am, the Creator of the Universe. If He spoke in the old days He will speak now. If he gave dreams and visions then, He will do it now. So, as I began looking through the books at the various examples I began to grow curious about the actual books. Why are they in that particular order? Order is definitely essential to tell the story of history, but why are they named so specific? If, in fact, symbolism is often used to hide a message in order that we, the people, may learn to open our ears and eyes and search out a meaning, then wouldn’t it be possible that a hidden meaning lay behind the Biblical books. So I began to search, and as I began to search out the names, I was amazed at the message that came forth.

“In the beginning, these are the names of those He called out of the wilderness. These are the words He spoke concerning the law. Yahweh saves. He is a righteous judge, and He will obtain justice for his people. He will show that He is a companion, a friend, a vision of beauty to behold. All those who call on the name of God, yes, God has heard the cry, and He will rule and reign with majesty. He will forgive their sins as “things passed over” because He is the comforter, the bright and morning star; He is Yahweh. When persecution comes or hardships are endured, He will fill us with His praises. He will teach us His wisdom and truth and will teach the assembly His love and His Word, the choicest of songs to fill us with revelation and might. Yahweh is salvation! Yahweh Exalts! Alas! How awesome is my God who strengthens! He is my judge, my salvation, my deliverance. Yahweh is God, and there is no other. He is the burden-bearer for His servants, those who worship Yahweh. A sign will go forth; a sign sent by God as pure as a dove for those who desire to be in the likeness of Him, who is like Yahweh?! He is our comforter, and we are embraced by Him. The Lord has hidden us beneath His wings in His love and strength. Rejoice and be festive! For Yahweh remembers, and He has not forgotten His word or His promises. He will send His messenger before Him for all the world to see because He loves us that much!

Wow!! I don’t know about you, but I am overwhelmed at the beautiful message that is put forth through the Old Testament! Symbolism is essential. Knowing the meaning and the purpose are essential. Have you ever thought about your own name? What does it mean? For example, my name is Michele and it means “who is like God?” or in other words, who could ever be like God? There isn’t anyone else that could ever compare, right? When we had our second child I heard the Lord say to name her Jordan. The name Jordan actually means the descender. At the time (this was before the dream of her I shared in blog 1) I didn’t have any idea how this name would be significant. Much later, after the birth of my son, the Lord told me that Jordan was the descender, she must come first, because the Lord has great purpose for her life. How amazing is the Father??! I want to encourage you begin to study symbols from the word if you are truly interested in dreams and visions. You will learn so much through just observing how God uses symbols to speak to His children.

A few of the books of the Bible to give you a better idea of how I interpreted the meaning. If anyone is interested in seeing them all just let me know, and I can post them later.
Be blessed!!

Genesis = In the beginning
Exodus = (Greek) Departure from; written by Moses which means drawn out
Leviticus = (Hebrew Vayikra) means And He called
Numbers = In the wilderness
Deuteronomy = A copy of the law
Joshua = Jehovah is generous or Jehovah saves
Ruth = Companion, friend, vision of beauty
Samuel = Name of God, God has heard

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