What Does It Mean If I Dream About…….

What does it mean if I constantly dream about my childhood home, or a place that I stayed a lot when I was young? This is a question that I get asked frequently. As one who has experienced this type of dream in my own life I can completely understand the confusion or intrigue that this type of dream creates within the dreamer. Houses play a significant role within our nighttime dreams and visions. Why, you might ask? How could a house mean anything? It’s just a house after all. Well, our minds tend to think a little deeper than that. Symbols are so important, and the more we learn about them (the common ones that everybody dreams about and the ones that are significant only to us – a lesson for later) the better off we will be on this journey to discovering the deep and secret things the Lord is speaking to us.


Symbolism is much like parables…… 

Jesus constantly used parables to teach the masses. Think about the Parable of the Sower. What an awesome teaching! Not only did Jesus tell the parable to the people, but then he proceeded to explain to His disciples what the symbols actually stood for. The Sower = The Son of Man, the birds of the air = The Enemy, the thorny ground= He who receives the word but the cares of the world choke it out, The Seed = Children of the Kingdom…… ( Matt. 13). OF course, this wasn’t a dream, but whether in waking or sleep, symbols are shown here in this passage to be significant. Perhaps, Jesus wanted to catch their attention. He could have easily gave the message without the word picture; however, He knew that people learned better through visual comparisons. For example, He could have said, “The world’s going to cause you problems”, but by adding in the visual of thorny ground choking out the seed, causing it not to flourish and grow beyond the border that the world creates gives a much clearer image, and one that will stick with you much longer than just words, right?


This is what a dream does. When you wake up, sometimes those images flit away like Job says “He will fly away like a dream and not be found….”. They are like vapor that quickly comes and goes; however, other times the dream is with you all day long, weeks later, even years. There is a message there, and it is up to you to pray, discern, decipher, and discover what the Lord is trying to tell you. Could He just speak it to you? Of course! But how often do we really slow down, stop, and listen to what He is saying when it comes to our own lives? Sometimes, we are blinded by our own issues, and we are unable to see where and what the Lord is desiring for us to change, cleanse, renew, etc. Dreams bypass this conscious part of our mind that often tells us : you’re okay, there is nothing you don’t have together, you are doing the best you can. Those are great things to say, but are they honest? I decided long ago that I want more than mere platitudes. I want to know what needs to be fixed inside of me. I want to find out what is not pleasing to the Lord. If that means listening closer to my dreams then I am willing. Are you??


Okay, back to the symbolism of the old house. Houses are a common symbol within dreams. Old houses, new houses, childhood homes, homes under construction, etc. A childhood home or grandparents home is particularly significant because it is speaking to an area from our past that the Lord wants to call attention to. Pay attention to the dream. Are you an adult in your childhood home? What room are you in? Are you a little kid reliving a particular memory? What is going on while you are at your childhood place? Houses are generally a reference or symbol pertaining to our lives. Different rooms in the house mean different things. If you are an adult in your childhood place then this could be the Lord’s way of calling attention to some areas from your childhood that are clearly affecting you as an adult. He wants you to be free from any burdens or “roots” that are clinging to you so that you may walk freely into your destiny.


A friend of mine once shared a dream with me where she was dreaming consistently of an old family homestead. She was always an adult in the dream, her present age, and she would find herself locked within this time warp where she was grown but living in the same era as she had when she was a child. Loved ones that were no longer living were there, cousins, parents were all a part of this dream. She would watch as life smoothly moved around her, yet she was immobile like a statue, an observer one might say. It re-occurred over and over until she was so tired of having the same dream. In reality she was plagued by an incident from her childhood where she had been abused. She had given her life to the Lord when she was much older, and she felt that all of the old was released from her life and memory; however, the truth was that she had only let some of it go and suppressed in a deep pocket most of the hurt and anger. This little “pocket” was so familiar to her that she rarely even thought about what it held. However, there were times that the memories would try and rear their ugly head.


The dream was showing her that she had not dealt with all the issues of pain from that moment in her childhood. Instead, she kept it hidden so deep and locked away that even she believed that she was over it. She was holding on to a hard memory and causing it to root down inside of her. This root became a burden, and we all know that Jesus desires us to cast our burdens on Him. The enemy thought that like a root he was going to suck up all the good from her, and yet, the Lord went after the deep and mysterious part of her heart. He was gently guiding her back to the time and allowing her to see that there is more that needs to be plucked out for freedom to truly come. You may say, “Why didn’t the Lord just tell her? Why go through such mystery to set her free?” Well, the truth is that she thought that she was already free. Her heart had covered the wounds so expertly that even she was often fooled. When she walked around feeling unworthy or dejected it was cast off as just “emotions.” Covering a wound does not mean that it’s gone; it just means that the wounded person can hide it from the world and him or herself. To be truly free means to let all of the junk go and allow the roots to be plucked up by the heavenly father.


Other symbolic meanings for houses:

1. Old houses (which you are not familiar with) could be a representation of areas of your life that need improvement.

2. Childhood Home = Past, past issues, generational issues (good and bad)

3. New House = Could represent a change that is coming, revival (natural and/or spiritual)

4. A House under construction = There’s an area that needs working on. Good things and change are coming, but there are areas that are yet unfinished and need tending.

5. A House that is old and grown over with weeds, etc. = Unusable, in ruins, areas that are bogged down, and the Lord wants to be “weeded” out and cleaned in order to be a useful vessel.


What are you dreaming about right now? What do you feel like the Lord is trying to show you through night parables? Are you struggling with an issue from your past? Maybe you have areas that need to be remodeled or tended once more. Begin to look a little deeper as you dream. Write it down so that you won’t forget and begin to pray over the message the Lord is speaking to you. That’s how much He really loves you! He will take you into the deep recesses of your heart and soul to make sure that you can walk in true liberty and freedom. Be Blessed


Michele C.


4 thoughts on “What Does It Mean If I Dream About…….

  1. This is so true and you explain it so tolerably!!! I’m so blessed by this blog and so happy I found it!
    What about dreams where you are back in your old high school with your schoolmates? I’ve had a couple of dreams like that before and whenever I was among my schoolmates in the dream my spirit felt very sad. And I would wake up missing school lol I don’t have them again though but just recently I dreamt I was in my old high school uniform again after a long time and I was walking up a road where my elementary school is located and then I looked down on my skirt and I saw brown dirt on it. Explanation is accepted lol

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing such great words of encouragment! School dreams are so interesting because they often represent a need to relearn something (especially if you are going back to school) that we previously didn’t get. Because you are on the road it seems that you are in a learning stage (hence the school clothes), but you have passed the point of instruction (being in the actual classroom). Now you are just required to walk it (what you are learning through this season) out. The reference in the dream toward your elementary school could be alluding to the fact that this journey won’t be difficult, but it will still be full of obstacles. As you walk it out you will gain greater insight and understanding. Learning is always a good thing because it means we are going to new levels, and we will be fully equipped to handle whatever comes our way. Blessings to you!!

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